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From Michele Sciabarra <>
Subject Deploying OpenWhisk in Cloud: do we need Kubernetes?
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2018 17:17:13 GMT
I have a dream: installing easily OpenWhisk , production grade, everywhere. Most notably, on
AWS, but also on Azure, Digital Ocean and even on bare metal.

I am aware of the Kubernetes deployment. Everyone is using that, I was told on Slack.

Well, the fact is that in general installing Kubernetes is hard. And it adds a substantial
burden on the system to run.

There are installers for Kubernetes on AWS (kops) and more but they add a good level of complexity
to the installation.

Furthermore, there are Kafka and Couchdb and afaik they do not play so well with Kubernetes
(I worked months deploying Kafka on Kubernetes so I know). Couchdb looks like to be on the
same league, because of some restrictions on the deployment due to its design based on Erlang.

In short, I have the feeling that a better solution would be to able to deploy OpenWhisk using
just virtual machines. VIrtual Machine are not going away and be replaced by Kubernetes in
the foreseeable future and AWS is still more a "virtual machine" than a container based Cloud.

So I have this idea of creating an installer,  based on docker-machine. I try to call it "wsk-machine".
The idea is that wsk-machine would create a cluster and deploy it easily a multi node, production
ready cluster on everything that docker-machine supports. 

How crazy (and wrong) sonds this idea? Please tell me it is completely wrong (and why).

  Michele Sciabarra

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