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From Michele Sciabarra <>
Subject Re: [LONG] Discussing my implementation of Go actions
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2018 13:49:22 GMT
> I would prefer it not be there, but can see the convenience of detecting 
> that an app has immediately crashed. If we can find another way to do 
> that via process inspection, that would be better in my view.
The problem can be summarised into this code:

        // this command exits
	cmd := exec.Command("true")
	out, err := cmd.StdoutPipe()
        err = cmd.Start()
       // this is nil! no error!

	// even worse! attempted to detect
	err = cmd.Process.Signal(syscall.Signal(0))
	// this is nil too! no error!

So, how can I check the process is actually terminated ? 

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