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From Chetan Mehrotra <>
Subject Introduce a new SPI for storing Attachments aka AttachmentStore
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2018 14:06:53 GMT
Currently the code data for actions are stored as attachments in
CouchDB. For larger binaries (say > 1MB) it would be better to store
them in some binary store. Further if we are deploying a custom OW
setup in cloud then it would be better to store the binaries in cloud
specific binary storage like S3/Azure BlobStore/IBM Object Storage

To support such a case we should introduce a new SPI in OW
`AttachmentStore`. Some key points wrt to such an spi

1. Used internally by ArtifactStore and need not be exposed to layers above.

2. A default memory based implementation along with TCK to validate the contract

3. Later implement custom implementation for S3/Azure BlobStore/IBM
Object Storage which can use the newly refactored PoolingRestClient
and have the TCK test run against them

4. Allow using such a stored for CouchDbRestStore also via config

The interface can possibly look like [1]


Chetan Mehrotra

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