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From Michael Marth <>
Subject Re: Decomposition of OpenWhisk components and repositories
Date Sun, 10 Dec 2017 16:33:42 GMT
Hi Carlos,

I am not sure if the people new to OpenWhisk would look at that table. I, for one, was not
even aware it existed (
How about putting a badge/note at the top of the experimental repo’s READMEs? That would
probably be seen.
Additional benefit: the badge could be raised as a PR against these repos so that the main
committers can agree/disagree if that repo is experimental or not.


On 09/12/17 21:22, "Carlos Santana" <> wrote:

    Hi Michael
    I got the list by  going over every repo recently and reviewing latest
    state. Which for the most part I follow all changes, PR, issues to every
    OpenWhisk repo :-)
    What do you think if we add a column to the Repo Status Wiki page?
    On Fri, Dec 8, 2017 at 1:14 PM Michael Marth <>
    > Hi Carlos,
    > Thanks for sharing that!
    > Slide 4 made me wonder on the distinction between “maintained” repos and
    > “experimental” repos. I totally agree that this distinction exists in
    > practice, but I wondered how you got to the list. And I should add: I don’t
    > dispute the repos you put on the “experimental” list. My question was
    > whether the list of experimental repos is common knowledge (and if not: how
    > we can make it so)
    > Cheers
    > Michael
    > On 07/12/17 04:57, "Carlos Santana" <> wrote:
    >     This week I gave a talk internal in IBM to illustrate the work recently
    >     done in braking openwhisk components into multiple repositories, and
    > how we
    >     integrate them in our downstream deployment.
    >     Some slides I think are useful to share with the community it gives a
    > map
    >     where are components located.
    >     Also shows how the CLI code was finally migrated to it's own repo, and
    >     manual synchronization stopped.
    >     I uploaded the slides to the wiki [1]
    >     Let me know if the link works and you are able to download.
    >     There is also an old issue [2] I just closed that contains one of the
    > main
    >     slides.
    >     [1]
    >     [2]
    >     -- Carlos

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