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From Minto van der Sluis <>
Subject Re: Are Java actions first class citizens?
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2017 16:23:18 GMT
Hi Rodric,

The complexity was not really in the code changes or in building it. But 
more I trying to get my own environment up and running and check if it 
worked with my own actions. But I have to admit I have not spent much 
time on trying to set it up after my first attempt failed.

Adding the test scenario's was more like monkey see monkey do. I was 
only surprised to see the tests separated from the code. But that is 
probably due to the tests being integration test (initially I was 
looking for unittests).

Since you tested my changes, I there anything I need to do to get these 
changes accepted?



On 13-09-17 16:20, Rodric Rabbah wrote:
> I ran your test for the fully qualified name after reviewing it and it
> passes. Was your concern that writing the test was too hard or too coarse
> grained to do?
> It's true, it would be nice to just test the name resolution, as opposed
> going through the entire flow and initializing/communicating with an actual
> container.
> If that's what you mean by "complex" - I think adding unit tests for the
> Java proxy makes sense. +1
> Otherwise, your test is fine. I made a small change locally just to be
> paranoid.
> 62c38dfdc9
> -r

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