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From Rodric Rabbah <>
Subject Re: Moving out runtime images and tests
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2017 19:56:41 GMT
+1 good points Tyson.


> On Sep 12, 2017, at 1:25 PM, Tyson Norris <> wrote:
> +1 in general
>> Tasks we'd need to do:
>> 1. Setup a repo per runtime.
> Maybe repo per runtime-type, instead of literally each runtime - specifically names like:
openwhisk-action-nodejs, openwhisk-action-java, openwhisk-action-dockerskeleton, openwhisk-action-php,
openwhisk-action-python, openwhisk-action-swift
> (Since each type should share much of the same tests, I think.) 
>> 2. Move the runtime build + tests there (testwise I would rather copy and own some
dependencies than trying to go DRY. The current setup for dependent repos needs quite some
cleanup and is super hard to maintain for updates in the main repo). We can discuss if we
need Integration Tests for each of the runtimes or if the "unit" tests we have are sufficient
> We can DRY it *later* if wanted by releasing mvn artifacts of test base classes (or all
of tests) from core, or something like that, but until that is implemented, agree that copying
is better.
> By “Integration Tests” do you mean to run as part of core tests? I think something
minimal would be good like “test that at least nodejs runtime works” (e.g. health check),
but not “test every runtime as part of core integration tests"
>> 3. Implement a release process for the runtime images to Dockerhub.
> This should be the same as the release process for core images right?
> Thanks
> Tyson
>> The runtimes update fairly rarely so I wouldn't really bother with too strict of
a versioning there, at least not for the first shot. Process wise it does seem straightforwardly
>> What do you think?
>> Cheers
>> Markus

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