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From Michael Marth <>
Subject Re: Signalling production-state of an action
Date Sat, 02 Sep 2017 18:19:25 GMT
Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the feedback.
“_” as a separator was just an example, could be anything else as well.

But IIUC your comment
“Like a boolean that the user wants a certain namespace to be treated as  "test/debug"”
you hint at an idea I like better: letting users apply properties to namespaces. (not just
by naming convention, but by storing these properties in the DB).
Did I get that right?

On 01/09/17 19:43, "Carlos Santana" <> wrote:

    We (IBM) in our in production environment today might have some hard
    constraint to support this.
    And we already took the liberty to use `_` in the namespace to mean
    something else.
    For example in our case the namespace is composed of user global account
    information, in our case we leverage CloudFoundry system or Organization
    and Space.
    Where NameSpace = $Organization + "_" + $Space
    So we already have in production users with namespaces with "_" in their
    production namespaces.
    If using the value of the namespace is an option then if namespace ends
    with `_*test` but we need to check if we have users using a namespace like
    this today I think that would be somewhat difficult.
    In our case use would do something like `carlos_app1` and
    `carlos_app1test`, we will tell folks to create a new space that ends with
    Other options:
    Something on the specific entity (like a action annotation).
    We could add something to the subjects DB, and the controller can tag
    something to the activation when sending to kafka for the invoker.
    Like a boolean that the user wants a certain namespace to be treated as
    I was thinking a secondary OW API Key, but this brakes down for Web Actions
    as they are public
    No concrete feedback but worth the discussion, just wanted to give feedback
    on the convention of using `_`
    --Carlos Santana
    On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 7:42 AM Michael Marth <>
    > Hi,
    > in yesterday’s tech exchange Rodric mentioned that OW does not „know“ if
    > an action is in production or still in development stage.
    > The context of that comment was that we could consider to treat the
    > activation log collection separately (depending on the in-production-state).
    > In our OW deployment we have discussed a somewhat related topic:
    > How would our users move their actions from a development state to a
    > production state. Consider the user’s application to consider of a couple
    > of actions. Once the actions actually are deployed in production, then how
    > would the users edit and test new versions of these actions and deploy the
    > new versions into production.
    > (note: this is a separate topic from the production state and CI/CD
    > pipeline of the OW system itself)
    > The concept we came up with is based on a namespace convention:
    > If a user is provisioned with the namespace e.g. “mynamespace” then that
    > user can create additional arbitrary namespaces separated by an underscore,
    > e.g. mynamespace_dev, mynamespace_mytest123, etc. We would treat everything
    > with an underscore as non-production.
    > In case you wonder why we actually care: Knowing which actions are in
    > production and which ones are in development allows us to make decisions on
    > how the activation logs are collected and displayed, on alerting, on the
    > events/feeds we pipe into these actions etc.
    > I wanted to present our thoughts here to get feedback on:
    > Are there better approaches we could look into?
    > Is there an interest for a mechanism in OW itself to represent production
    > state (or simple adoption of the convention described above)?
    > Michael

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