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From "Matt Rutkowski" <>
Subject Re: Propose BI-WEEKLY "Technical Exchange" Zoom meeting for OpenWhisk staring next Wed. 19th
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2017 16:30:00 GMT
My main concern is that we have an agreed-upon place to host Apache 
OpenWhisk related videos that are accessible in China, but need people who 
understand the available web/service outlets in the region better than I 
do to recommend where we host videos. My concern is that we are placing 
videos in a location that I am not familiar with and it seems to be 
alongside other content that is not IT (business) related.  It would be 
good to have an "openwhisk account" that the PPMC could manage with 
playlists (like youtube has) and not be managed in an ad-hoc manner. 

Kind regards,

From:   "Ying Chun Guo" <>
Date:   07/14/2017 04:08 AM
Subject:        Re: Propose BI-WEEKLY "Technical Exchange" Zoom meeting 
for OpenWhisk staring next Wed. 19th

I have a PR[1] to add links of English videos with Chinese subtitles
from mini academy to incubator-openwhisk-external-resources.
There is no special Chinese page with only OpenWhisk contents, but I can 
create a wiki page to do that, listing all links to technical exchange,
in the same website with mini academy.

Best regards
Ying Chun Guo (Daisy)


-----"Matt Rutkowski" <> wrote: -----
From: "Matt Rutkowski" <>
Date: 07/13/2017 09:36PM
Subject: Re: Propose BI-WEEKLY "Technical Exchange" Zoom meeting for 
OpenWhisk staring next Wed. 19th

Hi David,

Yes we should cross post the video to allow China access.  Have we linked 
the China site for the Academy on our OW website?  Also, do we have an OW 
"area" on this site to allow people to search and follow just OW videos?

Kind regards,

From:   "David ZL Liu" <>
Date:   07/12/2017 09:08 PM
Subject:        Re: Propose BI-WEEKLY "Technical Exchange" Zoom meeting 
for OpenWhisk staring next Wed. 19th

Hi Matt,

That's great, the topics are quite extensive. Is that possible we could 
put the video and materials to some
chinese video web sites, such as Youku, it will improve the OpenWhisk 
impact here in china market. Currently we have a mini academy site host by 

Unfortunately most of time Youtube is not available in china due to some 

Kind Regards,

From:   "Matt Rutkowski" <>
Date:   2017-07-13 上午 05:49
Subject:        Re: Propose BI-WEEKLY "Technical Exchange" Zoom meeting 
for OpenWhisk staring next Wed. 19th

After delays for various reasons, I would very much like to propose we 
"kick off" the "Tech. Interchange" calls starting next Wednesday at 11am 
US EDT (am open to 10am US EDT if the PDT people have no problem) next 
week July 19th. Using Zoom as the meeting app. which allows us to see each 

other, share materials and of course record for playbacks from our YouTube 

channel.  See all the proposed details from earlier post below...

The call I propose would be Bi-Weekly (not weekly) to begin with (see if 
we need more/less over time and add other times for other geos. as we are 
able to add volunteer moderators).

For the first agenda it would be nice to have introductions and propose 
the following general agenda format/template with attendees offering 
updates/topic discussion in the following areas:

- main/core OpenWhisk 
- Kube/Mesos/Compose (Deployment) 
- API Gateway 
- Catalog/Packages/Samples
- Tooling/Utils 
- prepared agenda topics (solicited and encouraged from the "dev" list 
* including education topics we would like to propose. e.g., Request trace 

through system, debugging/logs, etc.
- "at large" / open topics submitted on "dev" list or observe on Slack, 

My plan would be to post the bi-weekly agenda by EOD Monday of the same 
week on the "dev" list and use Slack as secondary posting mechanism and 
provide reminders on Slack as well before meeting starts.

Everyone would be invited to speak up if they are working on an 
interesting topic in any area. I am also hoping to encourage 
education/discussion agenda topics (e.g., on debugging, logging, testing, 
feature change demos, etc.).

Of course, I will record, post video to OW YouTube channel and upload 
notes (attendance topics) to our OW CWIKI.

The Zoom info would be as follows: 

Topic: Apache OpenWhisk "Tech. Interchange" (bi-weekly) Zoom Meeting
Time: this is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll):  +16465588656,,5043933185# or 

Or Telephone:
    Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll) or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)
    Meeting ID: 504 393 3185
    International numbers available:

I would moderate the first call and ask Jeremias/Carlos/Rodric/Dragos/etc. 

or any other PPMC member to share in moderating future bi-weekly calls.

Kind regards,

From:   Matt Rutkowski/Austin/IBM
Date:   06/07/2017 10:08 AM
Subject:        Propose weekly "Technical Exchange" video meeting for 

Hi Whiskers!

Having attended all the amazing and inspiring sessions at ApacheCon a few 
weeks ago and wanting to enable our growing community with better ways to 
foster technical interchange, I would like to propose we work towards 
having weekly 

Here are my thoughts on such a meeting… 

- 1 hour meeting, with agenda to be solicited from community in advance 
- pool of volunteer “moderators” to facilitate the call and cover the 
agenda topics 
- Use video/presentation sharing application with world-wide access such 
as Zoom 
- Alternate meeting times morning / evening (~12 hour differential ) 
allowing world-wide (geo.) participation 
- Post recordings of meetings and link from website (with agenda) for 
offline access (and for new contributor education) 
- Cultivate agenda topics on our Confluence Wiki and confirm a few days in 


Topics would range from… 

- Educational: “how does this component work?”, “how to debug this?”, 

- Feature / idea discussion:  **non-binding** discussion of anyone’s 
to make any part of the project code “better”, more “pluggable” or 
integrateable, etc. 
    + of course, we would want to move/capture such discussions to “dev” 

list (binding) and share/develop designs on our Confluence Wiki, as well 
as move to GitHub epics/issues once consensus is reached 
- Serverless Community: Share experiences on Serverless (conferences, 
meetups, etc.) and what is going on in the Serverless space to raise 
- Social: Just get to know each other (and perhaps associate voices and 
faces with people we are working with) 
- Connecting: Greet new people and hear their interest and help them 
connect with others. 
- Volunteers: identify key code work areas where we need help and seek 

Before we event start we would need to… 

- Have an initial pool of volunteer moderators (of course I would 
volunteer to be one and help jump start the processes) 
- Develop a list of agenda topics here on mailing lists and CWIKI that is 
large enough to start the first meeting and have enough topics to keep it 

Please provide feedback on this proposal as I would welcome any support 
and ideas that could make this better if we agree this is a good idea. 


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