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From "Boldt, Tim (GE Digital)" <>
Subject Re: OpenWhisk on Mesos
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2017 16:08:16 GMT

Thanks for the updated PR! It contains the fixes I was looking for.

One of the concerns I have about the current situation is that the config assumes that OW
has carte-blanche permissions in Mesos. For example, both the registrator and invoker talk
directly to the Docker socket, several of the services use HOST networking, and most of the
services reserve dedicated ports instead of using randomly assigned ones. The owners of our
shared Mesos cluster don’t like me doing stuff like this. :-)

Are most OW-on-Mesos users assuming they will have a dedicated Mesos cluster for OW, or is
the intention to make OW work with a locked-down, shared cluster eventually?


On 7/13/17, 3:49 AM, "Duy Nguyen" <> wrote:

    Hi Tim,
    Great to see more interest in running OpenWhisk on Mesos.
    With the deployment structure in the PR (
    ubator-openwhisk-devtools/pull/20), we have our OW instance running on
    DC/OS. Basically, we wrap each service in a DC/OS package and publish a
    dedicated universe for it. A deployment means launching those services from
    the pre-defined packages and apply your apigateway config to set up the
    server endpoint.
    Currently one of the main limitations is with the Invoker service: it
    independently manages resources for running action containers on a single
    node and does not communicate back to Marathon, hence Marathon is unable to
    make proper decision on allocating its resources. Some ideas to solve this
    were discussed in a previous thread [1].
    I have updated the PR which works well for us with the latest OpenWhisk
    images. It is still blocked by a Jenkins job for building the
    "whisk-couchdb" image (currently it's using a manually built couchdb
    version). When it is ready we should be good to merge.
    Would love to hear if you have more ideas / suggestions to this approach.
    On Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 11:01 PM, Boldt, Tim (GE Digital) <> wrote:
    > Is anyone using (or experimenting with) OpenWhisk on Mesos?
    > I see a 3-month old discussion (
    > incubator-openwhisk-devtools/issues/17) and a month-old PR (
    > However,
    > when I tried it, I had to hack it quite a bit to get it to work for me.
    > If anyone else has gotten OW working on Mesos, I’d love to hear about your
    > experiences.

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