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From Felix Meschberger <>
Subject [OT] On Calls and Meetings
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2017 02:15:45 GMT
Hi all

Calls may at time help converge on some topics. And if you are used to the traditional office
environment, you might be used to having calls and meetings.

But keep in mind, that this is *not* the way, how traditional open source project in general,
and Apache projects in particular, work. Here we mostly are in an asynchronous mode, even
though this might take a bit longer to converge and some more typing.

Having said that, it’s great to see this momentum, but I am concerned with the an outlook
that going forward this project really operates in a synchronous call- and Slack-oriented
fashion which might indeed create a two-class society of those able to participate in the
synchronous activities and those relying on asynchronous mode.

Please keep that in mind as we move this project forward.

Thanks and keep the great work coming !


PS: And, of course, as you conclude the call/meeting, having a write up published through
CWiki and/or dev list is a must. Thanks.
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