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From Rodric Rabbah <>
Subject Re: Loadbalancer Improvements
Date Tue, 13 Jun 2017 10:04:12 GMT
> it would be great if there was also a performance test case that simulates the traffic
patterns you have in mind. 

The pathology that this improvement addresses is quite intuitive to understand, in absence
of a benchmark or performance test. That said, I do think we have broad agreement among our
openwhisk community and in the broader serverless community that we need to establish dom
benchmarking methodologies and a suite of tests for performance. This needs a concerted effort.
I think the work Markus started (and if I recall Tyson has investigated) could be the start
of such an effort.

A plan to pursue further within our code base is to allow the load balancer to ingest (real)
traffic patterns and simulate load. This requires more refactoring to enable us to separate
the load a balance and simulator los more easily (or to allow others to inject their own loadbalancer).
I think the benefits of this is that we can accelerate investigation of next algorithms.

The road to for better load balancing is long and we are still early in the journey. This
is where I see much of the future innovation and optimization. 


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