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From Tyson Norris <>
Subject Re: Propose weekly "Technical Exchange" video meeting for OpenWhisk
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2017 18:19:28 GMT
I like this idea. Looking forward to meeting folks “in person”!

> On Jun 7, 2017, at 8:08 AM, Matt Rutkowski <> wrote:
> Hi Whiskers!
> Having attended all the amazing and inspiring sessions at ApacheCon a few 
> weeks ago and wanting to enable our growing community with better ways to 
> foster technical interchange, I would like to propose we work towards 
> having weekly 
> Here are my thoughts on such a meeting… 
> - 1 hour meeting, with agenda to be solicited from community in advance 
> - pool of volunteer “moderators” to facilitate the call and cover the 
> agenda topics 
> - Use video/presentation sharing application with world-wide access such 
> as Zoom 
> - Alternate meeting times morning / evening (~12 hour differential ) 
> allowing world-wide (geo.) participation 
> - Post recordings of meetings and link from website (with agenda) for 
> offline access (and for new contributor education) 
> - Cultivate agenda topics on our Confluence Wiki and confirm a few days in 
> advance 
> Topics would range from… 
> - Educational: “how does this component work?”, “how to debug this?”, etc. 
> - Feature / idea discussion:  **non-binding** discussion of anyone’s ideas 
> to make any part of the project code “better”, more “pluggable” or 
> integrateable, etc. 
>    + of course, we would want to move/capture such discussions to “dev” 
> list (binding) and share/develop designs on our Confluence Wiki, as well 
> as move to GitHub epics/issues once consensus is reached 
> - Serverless Community: Share experiences on Serverless (conferences, 
> meetups, etc.) and what is going on in the Serverless space to raise 
> awareness 
> - Social: Just get to know each other (and perhaps associate voices and 
> faces with people we are working with) 
> - Connecting: Greet new people and hear their interest and help them 
> connect with others. 
> - Volunteers: identify key code work areas where we need help and seek 
> volunteers.
> Before we event start we would need to… 
> - Have an initial pool of volunteer moderators (of course I would 
> volunteer to be one and help jump start the processes) 
> - Develop a list of agenda topics here on mailing lists and CWIKI that is 
> large enough to start the first meeting and have enough topics to keep it 
> going
> Please provide feedback on this proposal as I would welcome any support 
> and ideas that could make this better if we agree this is a good idea. 
> Cheers! 
> Matt 

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