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From Dascalita Dragos <>
Subject PassportJS with OpenWhisk
Date Sun, 07 May 2017 22:03:52 GMT
Recently I’ve been trying to see if we can reuse PassportJS with OpenWhisk
in order to create a User Authentication experience in a Serverless
fashion. PassportJS is a Node library that supports 300+ authentication
providers and this is what made it appealing.

The use-case I was after was to enable developers to authenticate users
with multiple providers.

As an example: when users backup, upload, or edit a photo in a Cloud
Storage service, register a webhook as an action that automatically syncs
the photo with another Cloud Storage service. For such a scenario the
action needs 2 tokens, one for each service, in order to access user's data
in both places.

My first step was to see if we can run PassportJS in an OpenWhisk action,
without having to depend on an Express server. This action would be
responsible with user authentication, without being concerned with storing
any user tokens; the assumption is that other actions could handle this
concern of caching tokens in a secure way, and making them available to the
actions that need them. So the “authentication” action would only reuse
PassportJS, login users, and output the tokens.

Eventually I was able to adapt PassportJS to an OpenWhisk action. You can
find the code here:

The good news is that with less than a couple of hundreds LOC OpenWhisk &
PassportJS can authenticate users in a lot of systems. So far I’ve tried
authentication with GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, and Google, and it works
flawlessly. The code of the action is ~240kb, including the libs supporting
these providers.

The tricky part was to decouple Passport from Express / Connect, by
providing simple implementations for request/response objects, as they
should work differently in a serverless environment; this resulted in a
fine-grained level of control for the response of the action, which proved
to be useful.

The way the action works is that developers can create multiple OpenWhisk
web actions reusing the same code, an action for each provider; for each
action they get to set default parameters like client_id, client_secret,
scope, corresponding to each provider. Each provider has its own unique

It would be nice if we can make it straight forward in OpenWhisk for
developers to create actions that listen to events from a variety of 3rd
party providers on behalf of the users, and then be able to do something
useful on user’s behalf; user authentication plays an important role in
this. To some extent I’ve also been thinking what it would be like for
developers if this feature would come with the OW catalog.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback,


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