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From "Daniel Krook" <>
Subject content and updates
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2017 20:41:31 GMT

Hello all,

I was part of the team that put together the content for last
year. This email has some details on the audiences that it is meant to
serve as well as details on how updates are handled.

The primary two goals right now are to develop a site that A) adheres to
the Incubator Graduation requirements [1] and B) accelerates ecosystem
formation around Apache OpenWhisk.

*Target users for*
There are a few general audiences we identified last year, which we call

1. The end user, a serverless function developer writing code that runs on
a provided OpenWhisk instance
2. The open source project contributor building the underlying platform
through Apache (or engineer/student that wants to learn how it works under
the hood)
3. The third party service integrator building packages that provide
triggers and feeds that they want to share with others.

The operator deploying OpenWhisk clusters might overlap with those 3 roles,
but may be also a fourth target persona to address specifically. There may
also be additional personas to consider as we go forward.

So with many different user types - and materials that may be of interest
across personas - it makes sense to have one single site (rather than split
into different sites by audience type, i.e., distinct developer and user
sites on different domains).

*Immediate todos*
The current site centers around making it easy for each of those personas
to get started with OpenWhisk and includes general interest information on
serverless technology and the Apache project. It also links to the social
media channels and mailing lists as a one-stop-shop for those new to
OpenWhisk to find the specific resource they need for their role.

We have solid guidelines and many existing sites to reference as we improve
the site to address the two primary goals. There is guidance from the
Incubator [1], and precedents like Apache Cordova [2], Apache CouchDB [3],
and Apache Groovy [4] among others.  Jason Lengstorf pulled together a good
list of suggestions to improve the site in an issue on GitHub [5] based on
what works for other open source projects. There is also an issue open to
address the current "partners" page and transform it into a "supporters"
page, based on the earlier threads here [6].

You can see the complete list of open issues on GitHub [7] which is where
we directly link and track changes completed or proposed for the site.

*Managing updates*
As Apache Groovy does [8], we'd like to have redirect to The
name servers for for are mapped to the GitHub repository [9]
which serves content out of the master branch using GitHub Pages.

Currently, content is automatically published to when
pull requests are merged into master by an approved Committer. Those pull
requests are tied to issues. When pull requests are merged, the issue(s)
are automatically closed if the PR comment includes the phrase "closes
issue #XXX". We can have both issues and PRs post to email and Slack.
Because of this simple deployment process, it doesn't seem that we'd want
to change the current process or require any sort of new build
infrastructure be put in place.

As mentioned above, the end goal is a site that adheres to the Incubator
Graduation requirements and accelerates ecosystem formation around Apache
OpenWhisk. Please comment on this approach with your thoughts or
suggestions so that we can achieve these goals as effectively as possible.


Daniel Krook

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