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From "Matt Rutkowski" <>
Subject Re: Hi, My name is...
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2017 20:15:17 GMT
Hi Ioana,

as the Wiki describes, the PPMC membership would nominate and invite you 
(please note that this role is a responsibility to Apache greater than 
GitHub write access to repos.) as the linked Apache pages describing these 
long-standing roles indicates.  These roles, for most developers, boil 
down to "write/merge/issue mgmt" access or "read/pull request/issue 
reporting" access in terms of GitHub (Committer/Contrib. respectively), 
but Committer is much more than that in terms of engaging the Apache 
project (membership) daily.

We understand that contributors within GitHub are limited to Read access 
which does not allow issue tagging or assignment; for now please work with 
a Committer for such issue management.

Please note that we are trying to adopt Apache tools/methods for 
communication and streamline/transition existing sites which provide 
functional overlap (alot has been done in the last 24 hours).  Please know 
that #apache the quote that has been repeated to me often since joining 
myself this past fall ... "if it doesn't happen on the "dev" list it 
hasn't happened" (or some variant).

Meaning for any meaningful development discussion it SHOULD take place on 
the dev list and/or the new Wiki (with cross linkage to the "Dev" list). 
All other communication paths are not "official" but can be user by the 
project for convenience (like Slack). 

As noted in my invitation on this list in another thread... I indicated we 
are trying to minimize info. duplication while being mindful that we need 
to provide appropriate context to assure we send people (via links) to the 
correct places; so some duplication may have to exist.

It is plain to see that many of us (myself included) are learning as we go 
and existing Apache members and our mentors guide and correct us (am told 
that is what is supposed to happen in an Incubator phase), that is to "get 
it right for the Apache-way".

Kind regards,

From:   Ioana Baldini/Watson/IBM@IBMUS
Date:   01/26/2017 01:39 PM
Subject:        Re: Hi, My name is...

Thank you, Matt.

I personally find the distinction between committer and contributor 
confusing. To add to my point, now that I read the description carefully, 
I meant to ask to be included to the committer pool. 
One unfortunate aspect of being "just" a contributor is that, it turns 
out, I can't assign issues to myself, I can't close issues if I'm not the 
owner of the issue and probably other little annoying things like these 
ones that I haven't discovered yet. This may be a side-effect of how 
rights can be specified in GitHub. I understand the need of some "control" 

but it shouldn't come at the expense of productivity, IMO.
Another suboptimal aspect is that now information is scattered across too 
many places (confluence wiki, github, list a, list b, etc.). See note 
about productivity. I wonder if there is a way to keep it simple(r).
Thank you,

Matt Rutkowski/Austin/IBM@IBMUS wrote on 01/26/2017 02:16:17 PM:

> From: Matt Rutkowski/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
> To:
> Date: 01/26/2017 02:16 PM
> Subject: Re: Hi, My name is...
> Welcome Ioana!
> You are already (by default) a contributor! We also welcome any 
> you wish to engage here on anything dev. related including suggestions 
> new feature designs for any part of the project.
> Also, please see our new Wiki with some info on contributors/committers 
> (just drafted yesterday and open for comments):

> It includes the basics of what it takes to become a committer.  I would 
> grateful if you let me know if it is clear enough and provide feedback.
> Kind regards,
> Matt 
> From:   Ioana Baldini/Watson/IBM@IBMUS
> To:
> Date:   01/26/2017 12:58 PM
> Subject:        Hi, My name is...
> Greetings!
> My name is Ioana Baldini. I am a Research Staff Member at IBM
> Research. I've been contributing to the OpenWhisk project before it
> became an open source project. Last year, my main contribution was the
> implementation of sequences as first-class entities in our
> system. Sequences is one of the features our users like the most.
> In addition to my work in serverless and cloud infrastructure, I
> collaborate with researchers from the Data science department from IBM
> Research on projects related to Data Science for Social Good. We
> partner with not-for-profit organizations, NGOs and social enterprises
> to attack problems with social impact.
> I'm originally from Romania, grew up on the Black Sea coast and did my
> undergrad in Computer Science and Engineering at Poli in Bucharest
> (official name University Politehnica of Bucharest). I've been in
> North America for the last 15 years, first in Canada for my Masters
> and PhD, and then in the US, interning with Intel, IBM Research and
> now working full-time at IBM Research.
> OpenWhisk is my first open source project. I would like to be promoted
> to a contributor so I can fully participate in this project. Bonus: I
> will improve ASF's diversity numbers :)
> Looking forward to be working with everyone and be part of the
> serverless revolution!
> Cheers,
>      Ioana
> PS:
> Congrats (and thank you!) to ASF for conducting the diversity survey and 

> making the results publicly available! Perhaps next time around, the 
> survey could include numbers on contributors vs. committers. Curios if 
> they are any different.

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