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From "Matt Rutkowski" <>
Subject Re: How do we fix the website link from our project page?
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2017 19:38:15 GMT
I found this from a link from Isabel's link:

gitpubsub, which allows the static contents of a designated git repository 
to be served as the website for a project. git based websites are 
typically maintained in a asf-site branch to be published as They can be hosted from your primary project 
repo. Typically these will be built as a jenkins job or a buildbot job. It 
is recommended that you only have a single writer to the asf-site branch 
to avoid potential conflicts.

but found this listed only as a publishing "method" but no link to how you 
actually find/use this tool. Also, Jekyll already works without adding any 
other tooling or Jenkins (highly desirable for maint. purposes and finding 
someone to code/get this working)

Kind regards,

From:   Matt Rutkowski/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
Date:   01/26/2017 01:28 PM
Subject:        Re: How do we fix the website link from our project page?

Please note that OW and the .org website existed in some form prior to 
Incubation (as with many sites/processes, etc. surrounding the project) 
and we are trying to get everything working as Apache expects, at the 
earliest in our incubation.   A primary reason for moving cautiously is 
that lose any of the hard-earned followers/users by shutting off domains 
without a smooth transition plan. 

Also, note we have donated multiple domain names associated with openwhisk 

to Apache, if we do not (or cannot use them) then they can be allowed to 

Then the question morphs into... how do we setup a server to host the 
generated (Jekyll) website from our code repositories; currently, this 
done by GitHub directly (using GitHUb pages feature; as described in ?

<or> is it acceptable for us to simply use the domain (instead of 
within GitHub (pages feature) as the publishing destination (i.e., GitHub 
hosts out of the code repo. directly (very efficient)?

Regardless, we have to figure out how we forward people who have 
bookmarked the .org site since Feb. 2016.

Kind regards,

From:   "Daniel Gruno" <>
To:     <>
Date:   01/26/2017 02:40 AM
Subject:        Re: How do we fix the website link from our project page?

On 2017-01-23 22:20 (+0100), "Matt Rutkowski" <> wrote: 

> Visited our project page here:
> The link to the website is:
> which of course does not exist.  Would like to point it to our: 
> Who has ability to change this?

You are required to have a web site for the 

developers of Apache OpenWhisk (Incubating). You may choose to have the 
same web site for users and devs, but there must be a site for people 
wishing to contribute to the project, and it must adhere to the general 
web site guidelines. is not hosted/owned by the ASF and 
violates just about every incubator policy out there - we will not be 
pointing to that until those issues have been fixed.

> Kind regards,
> Matt 

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