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From Felix Meschberger <>
Subject Moving forward with repositories
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2016 22:15:36 GMT
Hi all

Given misunderstandings on what it means to be able to stay on GitHub we are not ready yet
to transfer repositories from the GitHub OpenWhisk organisation to the GitHub Apache organisation
thereby renaming the repositories according to the naming conventions.

The inhibitors for moving quickly basically are:
 - Custom developer processes for pull requests
 - A number of business critical CI/CD processes

Particularly reconfiguring the CI/CD process will take some time.

Yet, we understand the desires and policies of ASF to properly manage the source code repositories.

In the interest of moving forward, the proposed high level plan is:

 (0) Create a documentation page on commit and contribue processes
     (as proposed by Matt along the lines of Cordova’s Contributor
     Guidelines [1])
 (1) Transfer the repositories to the Apache GitHub organisation
     and setup required mail notifications for commits/pull requests
     and issue updates
 (2) Fork the apache/incubator-openwhisk-* repositories to the
     OpenWhisk organization under their previous names:
     (2a) Repositories are read-only
     (2b) Repositories are synced from their fork source

User processes have to be adapted as soon as the repositories have been transferred.

Technical process should be adapted to the new processes within 3 weeks from the transfer
of the repositories (unforeseen difficulties to be discussed).

With the transfer the wikis and issues are transferred as well. For Wikis this is not a big
deal. For issues, there are two things to consider:

  (a) how do we deal with bots reacting to issue events ?
  (b) how do we deal with Zenhub boards ? Can we live without them for a moment ?

Ideally we would start implementing this plan over the holidays so that repositories are ready
and in place after that. According to Greg Infra is staffed to work on this.

@Greg: Would it be an option to have the read-only forks in the old locations for a certain
time ? Markus Thoemmes is an admin of the current repositories available this week.

@Project: Would that work for you ?

@Markus Thoemmes: May I ask you to work with Greg to do the necessary ?


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