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Subject [incubator-openwhisk] branch bdelacretaz-patch-1 deleted (was a2181f9)
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2019 07:33:17 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

rabbah pushed a change to branch bdelacretaz-patch-1
in repository

     was a2181f9  Output the source archive's SHA512..

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

 discard a2181f9  Output the source archive's SHA512..
 discard ca8dfc0  Add rc number to rcverifies. (#267)
 discard 7504927  Tweak email content and subject. (#264)
 discard 3501d5c  Output the script's SHA1 as a version ID (#266)
 discard c292070  Add step of removing old artifacts to release instructions (#258)
 discard 91b1638  Composer 0.11.0 rc2 (#261)
 discard ad7ee66  Composer 0.11.0 rc1 (#260)
 discard 9204c96  Allow subject line override for long component lists. (#259)
 discard 931fb8e  Mailer (#256)
 discard 449e28c  Release verification script. (#257)
 discard 16943a3  Update the credentials to access the Apache SVN repository (#253)
 discard 5be8dd5  Remove the docker and deprecated version of Travis (#252)
 discard 32cc398  rc2 of 2.0.0 providers release (#251)
 discard ef51374  release 2.0.0-rc1 of provider packages (alarms, cloudant, kafka) (#250)
 discard 5d02bb9  yet another attempt at building cli-0.10.0 (#249)
 discard 90aafbf  add slackbot webhook for PRs (#246)
 discard 0bbda78  wsk-cli 0.10.0 (#245)
 discard adc223c  openwhisk-client-js 3.19.0 release (#244)
 discard cce817f  composer 0.10.0 release (#242)
 discard e90739b  add incubator-openwhisk-composer to big table of repos (#238)
 discard 6b7529c  Fix the issue to install jq and expect in Travis (#240)
 discard 90fd82f  Add document update based on the parameter UPDATE_DOC for release (#237)
 discard 60a8b95  Modify the version to 1.12.0 for runtimes (#236)
 discard eae1206  Add Swift Runtime for 1.12.0 (#235)
 discard c5f8679  Release runtimes for the version 1.12.0 under Apache (#234)
 discard 9246a4c  Release openwhisk deploy kube for the version 0.9.0 (#233)
 discard 23d6c05  Release Catalog and Apigateway for the version 0.9.0-incubating (#231)
 discard af96560  Release wskdeploy 0.9.8 under Apache (#230)
 discard 04b4794  Update the documentation of 0.9.0 for Client Go and CLI (#229)
 discard 9277e27  Update the 0.9.0 release for client go and cli (#227)
 discard 1ecd934  Release 0.9.0 artifacts for cli and client go (#226)
 discard cf61800  Release the modules client go and cli for 0.9.0 (#225)
 discard fb13c87  Update the download links of the 0.9.0 artifacts with mirror links (#224)
 discard d715f9e  Update the release folder on a repository basis (#223)
 discard ee07685  Update the documentation for release 0.9.0 (#221)
 discard 6109982  Add script to package the documents (#220)
 discard ac66277  Update the instrcutions for the release 0.9.0 (#219)
 discard f1b544a  Update doc 0.9.0 release (#218)
 discard 3e99e47  Update the commit hash of OpenWhisk for 0.9.0 (#217)
 discard 03692ea  Update the scripts for 0.9.0 release (#215)
 discard 1a812ae  Update the instruction of INSTALL for 0.9.0 release (#206)
 discard 087870e  Add the installation instruction to 0.9.0 release (#205)
 discard 9ef4e5e  Prepare the 0.9.0 release for the main OpenWhisk repository (#204)
 discard 9bdda58  Change the confition of exclusion from .git* to .git\* (#203)
 discard 841c03a  Update the directory exclusion (#202)
 discard 5a708e6  Add the root directory to each repo when packaging the source code (#201)
 discard debbc1f  Fix broken link to license compliance page. (#193)
 discard f81e9e3  Prepare the release of 0.9.0-incubating rc1 (#192)
 discard aee56a5  Prepare the incubator-0.9.0 rc1 artifacts (#190)
 discard c97eb20  Add the script to retrieve the latest commit hashes for all repos (#191)
 discard f2e65b1  Add exclusions listing for incubator-openwhisk-deploy-kube repo. (#189)
 discard c6dd071  Remove the WORK_DIR to simplify the configuration (#186)
 discard 97f2074  Fix the issue in Travis build of master branch (#188)
 discard 0c3de9b  Create new release for OpenWhisk incubator-1.0.0-rc1 (#187)
 discard a3410f2  Add the explanation to the PGP key configuration (#184)
 discard 479e0a1  Adjust docs to reflect addition of Kube deployment to release repos. (#183)
 discard de2968a  Exclude specification/archive and specification/diagrams for wskdeploy (#182)
 discard 1570606  Add openwhisk-kube-deploy to list of release repos. (#181)
 discard 608673c  Rename the release directory (#176)
 discard ae312b5  Fix exclusions for wskdeploy repo. (#173)
 discard df660f8  Add the file .dockerignore back to the release (#174)
 discard b1d1136  Rename license into license, add tests exclusion back (#172)
 discard 7f89a80  Fix or document last remaining exclusions across all release repos. (#164)
 discard 43e754f  clean up repos. and file exclusion listings. (#162)
 discard eb19dbd  Clean up Openwhisk repo. ASF license header inclusion/exclusion tables (#160)
 discard daaffd2  Provide per-repo., file-level ASF license header exclusion listing. (#154)
 discard 0e62030  Add the tests directory back to the source code release (#155)
 discard 92fe887  Update ASF license exlcusion table with latest info. (#151)
 discard 5bf1313  Create detailed list of all ASF license exclusions by file. (#150)
 discard f3fcd2d  Add the support to create the release when the git tag is added (#149)
 discard f907174  Better describe LICENSE policies, rules and document exclusions by repo.
 discard 353453a  Archive the license and notice work for openwhisk projects (#147)
 discard e51a44c  Fix markdown files with a typo. in the Hash license header. (#145)
 discard 27f9d98  Get rid of Maven, since it is useless (#146)
 discard 52cced2  Changes to header scan rules (#144)
 discard 9a3acc0  Update tracking information and make this repo scancode compliant. (#143)
 discard cf795e9  Update LICENSE compliance tracking table to reflect latest PRs. (#136)
 discard 40cc89b  Add more exclusion files for openwhisk repo and openwhisk-runtime-swift
repo (#135)
 discard 20bff8e  Update README to include disclaimer of status, as well as highlight status
notes. (#134)
 discard 6171dfd  Update README and to be more accurate/informative
 discard e19b237  Add the spec to assemble the LICENSE file for each OpenWhisk repo (#127)
 discard c5b0a22  Update table with LICENSE PR and issue tracking. (#123)
 discard 6c892f2  update rat pom.xml and doc to exclude some files in openwhisk repo (#126)
 discard 08b91c4  Update repository status table to reflect latest Scancode support. (#124)
 discard 549b39a  Add more entries in header rule (#121)
 discard a83046d  Update (#117)
 discard 2d96791  Remove the test cases from the source code artifacts (#112)
 discard c485795  Document the header rule (#115)
 discard edd0dec  Initial markdown to track project LICENSES, NOTICES and provide summary
of notable references. (#114)
 discard 4e260b4  Fix the typo of incubator-openwhisk-apigateway (#105)
 discard 0cce4e6  Add the missing RELEASE_URL and RELEASE_VERSION_URL to access release URL
 discard 6e915f3  Update the Repo. status table with accurate links (e.g., Travis, LICENSE,
NOTICE files) (#92)
 discard 3e13152  Add project repo. status table to README. (#90)
 discard ef12890  Clean up and refactor README contents with Rel. Mgr. tutorial. (#89)
 discard c3525bd  Update the document to explain the key "publish_stage" in config.json (#74)
 discard 2f2ae95  Update the document by changing the vote policy for incubating (#73)
 discard 42481ec  Publish the binaries of openwhisk cli and wskdeploy (#69)
 discard 915edf1  Add the link to license compliace to README page (#70)
 discard 1aa84e5  Implement the versioning for openwhisk release (#71)
 discard 75e7582  Add the config option to determine whether to push the artifacts or not
 discard a4438fa  Change the email address for PGP key generation
 discard 0feb3b2  Change the directory to generate the release notes (#64)
 discard 5bac4a1  Generate Release Notes of OpenWhisk Auto generated change logs
 discard 185945a  Update the hash values of all the openwhisk repositories (#60)
 discard adfe154  Describe how to checkout the svn repository for openwhisk to stage (#51)
 discard afb8bd8  Update the PGP keys to the encrypted ones
 discard 20feebc  Update the PGP keys (#57)
 discard 7789d60  Update the private pgp key (#56)
 discard cf2e15f  Update the PGP key with a general account (#55)
 discard a8efc78  add rat-excludes file
 discard 63a2efd  Add license verification document (#52)
 discard 8920e92  Add the license header to all the source code files (#50)
 discard 49ce24d  Add the script to checkout svn to the local directory (#45)
 discard 1d59de4  Add the support to check the existence of NOTICE and LICENSE files (#48)
 discard 4c8d44a  Add NOTICE file (#49)
 discard 1bf75b1  Add the support to generate the report regarding apache license headers
 discard ceb7b68  Update the configuration by adding all the repos able to package sources
 discard 082a4a8  Add the documentation to describe automated mode of release (#43)
 discard 607e1dc  Add the documentation to describe the manual mode of release (#42)
 discard 3cb30de  Fix the signature issue (#40)
 discard f4339c2  Validate the secret key (#39)
 discard a8a56ed  Add credentials to the svn mkdir command (#38)
 discard 5300c04  Point the correct path of the public key and private key (#37)
 discard 641b805  Fix the encryption issue (#35)
 discard ce99a91  tools: Add the support to verify the artifacts with the key (#33)
 discard 3d24c63  Move the artifacts from stage to release (#31)
 discard b945673  Add the description of phases and repos to be released (#30)
 discard 2d9f3b6  Add LICENSE.txt file (#29)
 discard 349910a  Add the support to generate the PGP keys and sign the artifacts (#26)
 discard bd70d6a  Describing the signature for the release and the Apache repos (#24)
 discard 7dd2136  Add the support to git clone all source code based on configurations (#25)
 discard 7f6c698  Add documents (#23)
 discard ddb7b5c  Add the specs to implement the release process (#15)
 discard 92e7439  Increase the default clone depth from 10 to 100 (#14)
 discard cbfead7  Add the description of this repository into README (#4)
 discard 8c292fa  Create the basic Travis environment (#1)
 discard af7a34b  first commit

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