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Subject [incubator-openwhisk-deploy-openshift] branch master updated (35887ee -> 9e3c6d0)
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2018 18:16:56 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

bwmcadams pushed a change to branch master
in repository

    from 35887ee  Adjust LICENSE to remove copied references.
     add cd78643  Initial commit
     add cf86de6  Porting over minimal stuff
     add 52965a2  Minor
     add 9c12959  Get the directory right
     add f7c02b0  We no longer have the resources to test kube, too
     add 6b04dea  Removed irrelevant build steps
     add 01fb1dc  Pull in upstream template changes to enable keepalives w/ Nginx
     add 4dc7f40  Switch to the new and soon-to-be-deafult ShardingContainerPoolBalancer
     add bb200a0  Use to deploy Kafka & Zookeeper on OpenShift
     add 33219ae  Add a `persistent-template.yml` for easily creating persistent clusters
     add 8382299  Persist CouchDB data as well
     add 69a1ae4  Update the shortened link
     add ee825e3  Spit out all the logs after build failure
     add 8df16a0  Try pulling the strimzi docker images ahead of time to workaround timeouts
     add b016700  Use nslookup to determine if services are ready in initContainers
     add 74dc8e6  Actually use the COUCHDB_VOLUME_CAPACITY parameter
     add 08c6097  Somehow we had a typo in the path to k8s namespace markers
     add 20fe984  Pull strimzi/zookeeper and strimzi/kafka images in initContainers
     add e2a62c1  Minor edits and removing obsolete images
     add f25716c  Ensure invoker names are stable instead of basing off k8s node names
     add 0f6823e  Re-ordering to give the controller a chance to cleanup
     add c413b71  Add alarms resources and rearrange docs a bit
     add aecbb71  Modify nginx.conf to dynamically resolve the controller's dns
     add 602d0d8  More metadata for the template to make it easier to consume via the service
     add 8295c1c  Bump alarms version to latest 1.9.0
     add 0e2f522  Add alarms to persistent template
     add 187f9c5  Use much more recent branch of upstream OpenWhisk
     add 9f7c700  Something is breaking `wsk -i list`
     add 6ebd1aa  Bump up the default strimzi operation timeout
     add c289b33  Adjust yml whitespace for copy/pasted strimzi bits
     add 2ffebf7  We need a known wsk
     add 1863e35  Rename directory to match image name
     add 352006f  Maintain action runtimes here instead of our upstream fork [OCF-50]
     add 709e04e  Pin ourselves to upstream commit 6711118
     add 5a575f6  You know I'm all about that space, 'bout that space, no tabs
     add 76b4caa  Common errors: runtime error when setting apihost
     add af1f5ba  Common errors: action catalog empty
     add 7a5e223  Common errors: handling 'requested resource does not exist' error
     add 65b3675  Quote resolution for better multi-shell support
     add 7c0d5d5  Merge branch 't_mode-docs' of
into galderz-t_mode-docs
     add ff44a37  Adjust for upstream changes
     add 7205f80  Merge branch 'galderz-t_mode-docs'
     add 7945029  Factor upstream version for controller/invoker into parameter
     add 0b042f6  Add support for CouchDB clustering
     add 28ee740  Ensure we're specifying the correct namespace to launch function pods in
     add 0d68bef  Simplify `ab` example in README
     add 95f2cca  Update to latest upstream fbc0091
     add b7a8adc  Document how to generate in-cluster load with `wrk` as well
     add fa3b5a7  Tighten up the CouchDB clustering logic a bit
     add cf8a7e4  Make note of the no-op logging option that increases throughput
     add 17ac86c  Make this a bit more robust
     add 82f191a  Add tests for python and java [OCF-51]
     add a0f835c  Preload js8 instead of swift; test for js8 & py3 [OCF-51]
     add 9f6f6cd  Test alarms [OCF-51]
     add 6893b76  Doh!
     add 1d0474d  Some debug and MSP
     add 90b1a1a  Make sure alarmprovider is up
     add 5615e4c  Strike dos
     add f68e6c5  Debugging ROUTER_HOST on travis
     add cd716dd  Test for activations betterer and "namespace" tests
     add 2f8ee17  Fail faster!
     add 57bbbb0  Make test running more robust
     add 9ed7f22  Note using as an alternative
     add 905f3d0  Add a section for testing local changes with minishift
     add e8c54cb  Create a CronJob to refresh activation listings in CouchDB (OCF-34)
     add 000a186  Point the refresh activations job at the controller directly instead of
going out and back in via the external route
     add 1d67464  Sprucing up the README
     add 74bd7cb  Wait on the controller with an initContainer in the refresh activations
     add cc60dfe  Set a routable public hostname for `oc cluster up` on Travis
     add d61bbb8  Fix to build/push all docker images [OCF-58]
     add 9d5b846  Use permanent tag for projectodd images [OCF-58]
     add 6fdf95e  Use the rhdemo branch of our projectodd OW fork [OCF-58]
     add 734e063  Try lowering memory usage on Travis to improve test consistency
     add d968ab9  Lower invoker runtimes and wait longer in tests on Travis
     add 2255035  [OCF-61] runtimes/action-java-8: Switch to CentOS 7
     add 0e8363a  Merge pull request #8 from goldmann/runtimes_action-java-8
     add a1af78f  [OCF-62] runtime/action-nodejs-v8: Switch to CentOS 7
     add e31eff3  Merge pull request #9 from goldmann/runtimes_action-nodejs-8
     add 0a5ac7b  [OCF-64] runtime/action-nodejs-6: Switch to CentOS 7
     add c45c2bb  Merge pull request #12 from goldmann/runtimes_action-nodejs-6
     add 610177a  Set invoker idle container timeout from the templates
     add 9e66681  Oops - template params are ${} not $()
     add 4d347d1  Periodically prune activation logs and records (OCF-56)
     add 89e546b  Parameterize trigger firings per minute (OCF-70)
     add 01b471d  Bump trigger fires per minute in the example `larger.env`
     add 529e636  [OCF-63] runtime/action-python-2: Switch to CentOS 7
     add f560c9f  Externalize dependencies to requirements.txt file
     add 93c2906  Try to not install documentation, if possible
     add 4899437  Pin the image we base on
     add c4010c4  Merge pull request #10 from goldmann/runtimes_action-python-2
     add 0ebde12  [OCF-65] runtimes/action-python-3: Switch to CentOS 7
     add 38fa5d9  Externalize PIP requirements, add args for external libraries
     add fbe3f9f  Pin the image we base on
     add 67dc30a  Merge pull request #11 from goldmann/runtimes_action-python-3
     add 0d7721d  [OCF-66] runtime/action-php-7: Switch to CentOS 7
     add e3efb5b  Pin to specific version of the base image
     add 13572b7  Merge pull request #13 from goldmann/runtimes_action-php-7
     add a176415  Pin images we pull from
     add 75d7020  Merge pull request #14 from goldmann/docker_pin
     add c1e93a7  [OCF-69] Use nginx from SCL, switch to CentOS 7
     add 060813c  Merge pull request #16 from goldmann/nginx
     add 9749a72  Fix nodejs images
     add c817937  Merge pull request #15 from goldmann/nodejs_fix
     add 976bbaf  Keep things running better on super slow hardware
     add 4815f93  Fix PHP7 test
     add 5fdd07e  Merge pull request #18 from goldmann/php7fix
     add 87ca4c6  Remove references to our nginx image
     add a14dfaf  Have travis build/use the docker images
     add f901db5  Stay all night, stay a little longer
     add 3979c54  Introduce stages to only build images once
     add 6fd7bc1  Once more, with feeling!
     add 79623e1  Who knows?
     add 2628830  Avoid exceeding our WHISK_ACTIONS_INVOKES_CONCURRENT limit
     add 96be80d  Why not?
     add 86bd0c4  Last shot, make it a good one
     add c27173e  Let's try giving up!
     add 2c26a6c  Forgot this
     add 74f4cc4  2x max containers
     add 6e6f2e0  Maybe we're just not waiting long enough
     add a310bc4  Give the terminating pods more time to terminate
     add 1f8f2d4  Forcibly delete Terminating pods
     add ce9af22  [OCF-75] dockerskeleton: Switch to CentOS 7
     add 150d255  Merge branch 'goldmann-skeleton'
     add d2eabcb  Re-introduce stages to test HEAD images
     add f2f1f23  [OCF-71] couchdb: Switch to CentOS 7
     add b9a41c4  Merge branch 'couchdb' of
into goldmann-couchdb
     add 48f4c4e  Merge branch 'goldmann-couchdb'
     add c1bf270  [OCF-72] catalog: Switch to CentOS 7
     add 40ff413  Merge branch 'catalog' of
into goldmann-catalog
     add 3ef6485  Merge branch 'goldmann-catalog'
     add ea76176  Hold off on deploying for now
     add 24ba09b  Bump to OS 3.7.2 to hopefully avoid FailedSync errors
     add 922a74d  Roll back to OS 3.6 and be more aggressive w/pod termination
     add 9d3117e  Have travis push a sha-tagged build to d-hub upon success
     add 15b9230  Oops!
     add 1d612c2  Use proper name resolver, fixes #6, thanks shgriffi
     add cbef35c  Referring to Marek's RHT-approved images now [OCF-39]
     add da00e0c  Add a template parameter for the invoker pauseGrace timeout
     add 3f130ac  Picking up labeling changes OCF-90, OCF-92
     add bdf4282  Add memory request template params for each memory limit
     add 908422e  Forgot Travis sets some memory limit template params
     add 750734c  OCF-89: Set the JVM in the java 8 action runtime to obey cgroup memory limits
Options per Oracle's documented flags (
     add 22d2f6c  Merge pull request #24 from projectodd/OCF-89
     add 8ff7d0f  Update $PO_VER to pickup java runtime fix
     add 6a94b61  Restore setting of Erlang node & cookie for CouchDB
     add cdb09a3  Copy our customized vm.args after installing CouchDB
     add 6d3718d  Switch to the CentOS-based CouchDB images
     add bbaec70  Typo'd path means new CouchDB image wasn't logging to stdout
     add 186653d  Some OpenShifts need `vm.args` to be chowned differently
     add f5eae82  Travis wasn't testing the images it actually built
     add d0f8661  Bump templates to our newest container images
     add af95dc0  Pinning to strimzi 0.2.0 [OCF-68]
     add 5f7b89f  First whack at using ImageStreams for our containers [OCF-59]
     add 6d95e4f  Account for strimzi controller bouncing zk/kafka
     add a3f3181  Lingering terminating pods again
     add acded50  Set the necessary properties for Akka clustering to work in the controller
     add 6ea69e3  Let Strimzi reference its images the old way
     add e373235  Replicate strimzi changes in ephemeral template
     add d0f322c  Add script for basic load stats
     add fc08db1  Document local dev better after introducing ImageStreams
     add 875441f  Parameterize Invoker and CouchDB CPU requests
     add 2c5b43a  Bump to latest controller/invoker images w/ attachment caching
     add 7930a5c  Pick up centos-based controller invoker [OCF-39]
     add 8d84ded  Kafka and Zookeeper may need more time to come up in prod scenarios
     add 24b3f43  Don't assume controller invoker busythreshold == invoker max containers
     add 84a1b1b  Make the activationStats greps a bit more robust
     add 43702ec  Show example CONTROLLER_INVOKER_BUSYTHRESHOLD in larger.env
     add 5deb4a2  Quotes help - oops
     add c1e5696  Using unique tags to fix Local referencePolicy.type [OCF-59]
     add b9598b5  Allow template params to configure lots more things.
     add c238c44  Controller needs action memory limits set as well
     add b3d71ad  Add a note about the 3.9 OS bug regarding ImagePolicy
     add 829a749  Referring to a specific 'wsk' binary [OCF-67]
     add 2ecc78d  Persistent Kafka may need even longer to come up sometimes
     add 432b795  Compact actions and activations more often
     add 5347ad5  Refer to latest docker images
     add 6a05a8f  enable cds for java action
     add d11b161  Merge branch 'enable_cds' of
into gorkem-enable_cds
     add 8ee5579  Merge branch 'gorkem-enable_cds'
     add 6327ab6  Add handy script
     add 2343561  Standard on 65% disk usage as "getting too full" for now
     add 3f6135c  Pick up the latest java action runtime w/CDS enabled
     add e71536e  Avoid noise when no PV
     add 7465b3c  Factored the waiting out of the building
     add e18905b  Run a simple OpenWhisk action as well
     add 4ef6db7  Refer to our latest wsk release
     add 344c255  Doh!
     add 964f2ad  Expose knobs for tuning the Kafka replication & retained bytes
     add cacfa42  Fix couchdbHealthCheck
     add 8826c7e  Slightly less larger
     add 8329a6b  More happy messages in
     add d6d0b34  Don't be so quick to mark CouchDB as unhealthy under heavy load
     add 7c26618  Bump to newer controller/invoker images
     add 3fa05d5  Latest of Strimzi
     add 497f245  Merge pull request #31 from matzew/Latest_Strimzi
     add bb5d341  Tighten up a bit
     add 1ddb319  Strange errors after travis no longer apt-updates, by default
     add d922ad0  Temporarily pin js dep for CouchDB until we work out a proper fix
     add 424caf3  Don't error on unbound variables in
     add adaea7a  Add link to OpenWhisk gh project
     add 046bfa5  Merge pull request #34 from pmorie/readme
     add 381a938  Revert ImageStreams [OCF-139]
     add 68e3006  Adding brief description about OpenWhisk
     add 206ecd1  Fix typo on quote
     add daacbe8  Merge pull request #37 from markito/master
     add e376ed8  Reformat a bit and fix #27
     add a623457  Merge Red Hat's original repository over to ASF Incubator repo.
     new 9e3c6d0  Merge pull request #1 from bwmcadams/master

The 1 revisions listed above as "new" are entirely new to this
repository and will be described in separate emails.  The revisions
listed as "add" were already present in the repository and have only
been added to this reference.

Summary of changes:
 .gitignore                                       |    1 +
 .travis.yml                                      |   53 +-
 LICENSE.txt => LICENSE                           |    3 +-                                        |  297 ++++-
 bin/                           |   61 +
 bin/                           |  127 ++
 bin/                        |  184 +++
 docker/                                 |   28 +
 docker/alarms/Dockerfile                         |   34 +
 docker/alarms/                     |   12 +
 docker/catalog/Dockerfile                        |   22 +
 docker/couchdb/Dockerfile                        |   39 +
 docker/couchdb/couchdb.repo                      |    6 +
 docker/couchdb/              |   64 +
 docker/couchdb/                           |  109 ++
 docker/couchdb/vm.args                           |   28 +
 docker/runtimes/action-java-8/Dockerfile         |   27 +
 docker/runtimes/action-nodejs-6/Dockerfile       |   81 ++
 docker/runtimes/action-nodejs-8/Dockerfile       |   24 +
 docker/runtimes/action-php-7/Dockerfile          |   35 +
 docker/runtimes/action-python-2/Dockerfile       |   29 +
 docker/runtimes/action-python-2/requirements.txt |   13 +
 docker/runtimes/action-python-3/Dockerfile       |   29 +
 docker/runtimes/action-python-3/requirements.txt |   13 +
 docker/runtimes/action-swift-3/Dockerfile        |    5 +
 docker/runtimes/dockerskeleton/Dockerfile        |   23 +
 larger.env                                       |   34 +
 persistent-template.yml                          | 1484 ++++++++++++++++++++++
 resources/vars.jar                               |  Bin 0 -> 964 bytes
 resources/vars.js                                |   10 +
 resources/vars.php                               |   12 +
 resources/                                |   11 +
 resources/                                |    3 +
 template.yml                                     | 1463 +++++++++++++++++++++
 tools/travis/                       |   63 +
 tools/travis/                            |   17 +
 tools/travis/                     |   46 +
 tools/travis/                          |   39 +
 tools/travis/                            |   53 +
 tools/travis/                        |    8 +
 tools/travis/                             |  105 ++
 41 files changed, 4672 insertions(+), 23 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 .gitignore
 copy LICENSE.txt => LICENSE (99%)
 create mode 100755 bin/
 create mode 100755 bin/
 create mode 100755 bin/
 create mode 100644 docker/
 create mode 100644 docker/alarms/Dockerfile
 create mode 100644 docker/alarms/
 create mode 100644 docker/catalog/Dockerfile
 create mode 100644 docker/couchdb/Dockerfile
 create mode 100644 docker/couchdb/couchdb.repo
 create mode 100755 docker/couchdb/
 create mode 100755 docker/couchdb/
 create mode 100644 docker/couchdb/vm.args
 create mode 100644 docker/runtimes/action-java-8/Dockerfile
 create mode 100644 docker/runtimes/action-nodejs-6/Dockerfile
 create mode 100644 docker/runtimes/action-nodejs-8/Dockerfile
 create mode 100644 docker/runtimes/action-php-7/Dockerfile
 create mode 100644 docker/runtimes/action-python-2/Dockerfile
 create mode 100644 docker/runtimes/action-python-2/requirements.txt
 create mode 100644 docker/runtimes/action-python-3/Dockerfile
 create mode 100644 docker/runtimes/action-python-3/requirements.txt
 create mode 100755 docker/runtimes/action-swift-3/Dockerfile
 create mode 100644 docker/runtimes/dockerskeleton/Dockerfile
 create mode 100644 larger.env
 create mode 100644 persistent-template.yml
 create mode 100644 resources/vars.jar
 create mode 100644 resources/vars.js
 create mode 100644 resources/vars.php
 create mode 100644 resources/
 create mode 100755 resources/
 create mode 100644 template.yml
 create mode 100755 tools/travis/
 create mode 100755 tools/travis/
 create mode 100755 tools/travis/
 create mode 100755 tools/travis/
 create mode 100755 tools/travis/
 create mode 100755 tools/travis/
 create mode 100755 tools/travis/

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