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Subject [incubator-openwhisk-runtime-python] branch master created (now 497a977)
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2017 01:30:34 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

csantanapr pushed a change to branch master
in repository

      at 497a977  configure as stand-alone repo

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new 12d311e  Initial OpenWhisk commit
     new 33295b2  Compile+run rather than interpret Swift actions.
     new 84d5259  Remove unused parameter in date action.
     new 4435e5d  Add unit test for missing authentication on required authenticated command.
     new 81f7e76  Trigger Throttle
     new 4ec0015  Update whisk.js
     new ce444f7  Add code convention scanner to build. Remove from Travis config since it is now part of the build step.
     new 0785cb6  Make build sequential.
     new 60ec6d2  Fixes issue #36: Removes datastore credentials from stdout. Also removes echo of system keys to stdout.
     new 1793669  Replay UserActivatiohnCount work
     new 648210b  Added test fixture to sanitize entities before and after tests. This pattern avoids mistakenly sanitizing entities in the wrong collection and simplifies writing tests.
     new 17882a1  Fix blackbox predicate; logging cleanup
     new f4fd02d  Correct predicate to work whether local or not
     new 5bc5c01  Defer docker pause operation until after activation log is written so transaction completes faster
     new 0e41312  Support for CouchDb
     new 14e9a4c  Unmask hidden failures.
     new 75e1302  Flag to make ant fail if any test fails.
     new 8f1b5e4  Less output when building whisk/swiftAction.
     new f878958  Refactor DB startup/setup script.
     new 4d94087  WIP: Make containers startup into 2 phases
     new 9e85be8  Make apikey part of the run api and not passed in via docker environment variable
     new 577df0b  Adding the Contributing text for this repo
     new 334bf5f  Addition of Individual CLA
     new b973ffe  Changing URLs for Individual and Corporate
     new 3400bf3  adding corporate cla
     new 0e09456  Use custom pool for default factory but keep cached thread pool in dispatcher.
     new c493122  Converting CLAs to md to better fit into github
     new 1202bdb  Minor corrections to corporate cla
     new f912371  minor corrections to individual cla
     new 82dccaf  Fixing tab, minor corrections to formatting
     new cc0bd84  Merge pull request #62 from markusthoemmes/convert_clas
     new 67832d4  Correct a few errors lost in translation. Small tweaks to formatting.
     new 102bc06  pr64; fix links but make relative to branch.
     new b50af7e  Add unit test that creates a trigger connected to a deleted action, fires it, and then runs a normal action to check that concurrency limits are well behaved
     new bb0a861  Refactor out code that needs to run at termination (even if unsuccessful) of all activations
     new c7901ee  Fix invoker to end transactions properly on abnormal paths
     new 6d3d915  Add transaction object around Message so that we can record transaction completion to avoid double completion. Tighten up test
     new 35e1cfd  Move invariant of single completion to compleTransaction by extending Transaction with result object
     new bc73192  Extract action name from the doc id. Add TODO to fix semantic version.
     new ca75ea1  Make Wsk APIs extensible by declaring them as class
     new 93a75cd  Fix error response to be a JSON object and remove unnecessary test subject.
     new 0e1824b  Upgrade all kafka clients to 0.9. Organize imports and clean up some project dependences.
     new cedeeda  All activations are stored in the same namespace regardless of the entity namespace: the subject's default namespace. This matches the invoker and ensures all activations for actions, triggers and rules can be retrieved from the same API endpoint.
     new 14c989a  Add cheerio, move mustache and xml2js from base common image to nodejs action image.
     new 888b6e0  Use defined properties rather than string literals.
     new 5a720f4  Create only one producer/consumer for the test. Use manual offset update to avoid GroupCoordinatorNotAvailableException.
     new cb460f3  Make `whisk/kafka` build-able from cache
     new 6127f78  Initializing gradle
     new 079c57d  Cleaning up common, adding gitignores
     new f9c3a10  Moving over dispatcher to gradle
     new 79f1779  Moving over loadbalancer to gradle
     new cda0c43  Moving services over to gradle
     new 4325086  Moving action containers over to gradle
     new 892b620  Moving over tests and allow deployment using ant
     new 0872ac2  including cleanup tasks for the build, stripping out build tasks of ant
     new afff59b  Optional pushImage tag is added.
     new 44858ce  cleanup gradle build files, integrate gradle tasks with ant for interim solution
     new 00f4dbb  Remove vi notation
     new 07d87ec  make tests depend on keystore creation
     new 4b03063  Put keystore creation in correct order, remove keystore creation from ant build
     new d02dbac  missed createTrustStore call deleted
     new 4cc3f7d  cleanup, factoring tagImage tag out of distDocker, using gradlew
     new 93c4fc6  strip push of images from ant build
     new 139dff2  adding -f option to tagImage so old tags are overridden
     new d22a2a7  dont tag image while being build
     new db384e5  adding missed files
     new 44507ec  Better logging for testruns using gradle
     new 5aa7729  Update nodejsAction Dockerfile, fix location of keystore
     new 45c4a74  remove obsolete push tasks
     new 62dcfed  remove obsolete common js. replay kafka 0.9 update.
     new 732624d  ignore KafkaTests until intermittent failures are resolved
     new da99c2c  Setting heapsize for controller, rebuilt old startscripts for scala components
     new 06611ca  Using the gradle eclipse plugin to generate eclipse project files
     new 0ba7b8b  Restoring testfailure behaviour
     new 24ee014  move counter inc so all transactions hit this
     new ed645db  Solving cross-compiled dependency problem, compiling tests in UTF-8, passing testthreads to tests
     new 193cae6  Bumping gradle version to 2.11
     new e6d8a03  Ignore test pending a review as this test may no longer be valid.
     new 0d0a813  issue #98 initial playbook for controller and inventory for local deployment. ignore .retry files from ansible.
     new e0215cb  issue #94, add Cartfile and Podfile to starter app, remove binary framework
     new 5e030fa  Support for Java actions throughout the system
     new 0f33238  Java CLI action creation test.
     new b6a99f6  Gradle build for javaAction
     new b9d479f  Do not run unpause within critical section
     new 44796ee  issue #111 launch loadbalancer with consistent dockerfile
     new e1ff8d6  Relax ConsulKV tests with retries on dependent operations
     new 259a5cc  issue #102 initial playbook for consul
     new e0103e6  issue #100 provide initial playbook for loadbalancer. supports registry
     new edcf594  issue #123 add wait_for and pull command for controller, consul
     new da825e0  enrich the catalog annotations
     new ff2782c  Improve error messages for malformed json; use WARN if user container
     new 4ebb1af  Create a warming thread that for now makes just one warm nodejs container
     new 684b353  Refactor container image name method so that it is in a singleton and usable from the container pool.
     new 33ecd7a  Lift a require so file handle use done early; move a file close from catch to finally
     new fe0a035  fix two invalid json issues in and, remove payload from sampleOutput of cat
     new 7c0e56a  issue #101: init playbook for kafka (incl. zookeeper)
     new 6039473  Lift out arguments and merge container creation path for warmup and regular
     new 3234711  Add path for promoting warm container to action instantiated ones
     new ce9236b  Add retry to tests that perform a GET at the package or higher level
     new 155cd6b  Remove invalid test
     new 3571c9a  Add new map-function in DB-script
     new 1ed16b2  adding weather pollen action
     new 074d717   changed description
     new 71f528c  add new property whisk.version.tag with image tag and expose on /api/v1 endpoint in controller
     new a56a46a  Record both run and init duration into the transaction object and unify them during makeWhiskActivation
     new c1f7846  Combine init interval by favoring duration over start
     new 19048cb  Remove global RestAssured config uses.
     new f1e9276  Restore global RestAssured config pending review.
     new cec3e7a  Remove global RestAssured config uses.
     new 3f2ae98  issue #140 ansible new dir layout issue #140 WIP: rework consul playbook and role issue #140 fix wrong exposed port 8000 to 8300 issue #140 WIP: make ports human readable issue #140: WIP add handler, improve template, improve tasks issue #140: WIP add role kafka issue #140: WIP add ansible.cfg file for profiling running tasks issue #140: WIP add role controller issue #140: WIP add role loadbalancer issue #140: delete the nonrelevant environments
     new 06bd1af  Issue #147 Remove redundant test
     new 2ddf948  Change postToLoadBalancer to performLoadBalancer which has a function call API.  Underneath, it can go to either a POST or a real function call
     new f27b122  Invert the layering so that rest server feature is added last so we can reuse lower layer for non-REST uses.  Disable LoadBalancerTests - most are defunct.
     new 465cad4  Remove relative path dependences.
     new 0de24fe  Remove deprecated webportal key.
     new d263a84  Replace List with Vector since former is deprecated in JsArray. Use canonical retry and delete otherwise unused trait.
     new ced6810  If OPENWHISK_HOME is not set, default to relative path.
     new 8b51928  Strengthen unit test to test invariant that activations are not in the query result.
     new 5d0b6d3  PingTests Java->Scala
     new 4435759  Retry `isAlive` checks for 30 seconds.
     new b7abe2e  Fix Scala deprecation warnings in code and tests.
     new f56c755  Add missing backslash in catalog
     new f8e350e  Fix use of retry: it requires an exception to be thrown on failure. Reviewed with @psuter.
     new c1e8794  issue #177: remove redundant DB_PREFIX env var from build.xml
     new 89aefe0  Making CouchDB accessible over HTTP (instead of HTTPS)
     new cc2159a  Manifest for the concrete document type in DB code
     new d107c96  Make ActorSystem available for Stores
     new aba99b7  Switched to official CouchDB Docker image.
     new 8cb0df0  Added missing template-couchdb-local.env.
     new 44789dd  issue #99 provide base invoker playbook
     new f527a56  Normalized whitespaces.
     new d0ab402  Adding missing copyright/licensing headers.
     new 6c3f97a  Python script enforcing coding conventions.
     new cf72512  Remove Cloudant/Couch specific settings and use canonical DB_ properties.
     new b9e84a6  Import python value from property file to allow target to be called directly.
     new f123b6f  Increase wait time to match timeout.
     new 67af4a9  Increase log wait time to fix paramInherit
     new d9161bd  Remove unnecessary implicit
     new dc181cb  Updating scala-library, making every reference explicit to prevent eclipse complaining about two different versions, removing unused import
     new 99aea5d  Fixing database scripts to use the right environment variables, drop unnecessary source.
     new 8b798a9  Build loadblancer with controller.  However, the internal loadbalancer component not yet used
     new b60c7a3  Final work to hook up controller to loadblancer internally
     new b87d0d6  Rename curried version makeLoadBalancer and add a typedef to aggregate argument type for performLoadBalancerRequest
     new 3b9fc59  Redirect activator to controller
     new 2790f06  Change spray timeouts to match that of controller
     new ec1ccb1  Adjust nginx timeout to 5minutes on client connections to backend.
     new f491f77  Fail wipe/load dbs if can't create db or load required views. This will short circuit the deployment and catches silent failures or db misconfigurations. Also in this comment: override property file to avoid namespace clash while loading catalog.
     new 277157e  Rework docker.gradle
     new 109ca27  Write openwhisk.home to property file. This avoid having to disambiguate its location in the presence of multiple files in the directory tree.
     new 1d7c809  Add a failure clause for invokeAction future. Typos, comments, warnings.
     new 67134fd  Fix transaction id to be explicit and mutable for Container
     new e50eb1c  Print out activation record in case of failure.
     new 898cb85  Build CLI using Gradle
     new 39a85d6  Make the new build.gradle non-invasive. To be updated later
     new 0002d30  Add notion of sid.  Replace dontcare with system entity where possible and leaving the rest as unknown for now.
     new ca449b4  Rewrite putBack to respect invariant to improve perf
     new cf64441  issue 222: remove docker endpoint from hostname definition of container. just move component name.
     new b07c98f  Upgrading to consul 0.6.4
     new 12011e0  Issue 1652: add generous retries for ConsulKV tests
     new e8f86e0  issue #197 restructure ansible deployment. using modes for deploy, clean, initdb. adding roles for prereq and postdeploy as well as db role for local CouchDB.
     new 31839aa  Switch to manual commit in Kafka consumer.
     new 1bbb835  add scala imports to suppress warnings from deprecated implicit operators
     new ba9395c  Redo package tests in scala.  Delete redundant tests from CLIBasicTests already in WskBasicTests.
     new 65d6609  Move remainig tests from CLIBasicTests to CLIActionTests where it belongs. Delete CLIBasicTests as it is otherwise replaced by WskBasicTests.
     new cdc900b  Rewrite logging logic to wait for sentinel marker for nodejs container logs
     new 717dff8  Add support for a special log utility that computes elapsed time wrt the beginning of the transaction. Add lifetime markers using this new log utility.
     new f5c1dd5  Issue #1673. Fixing countdown action.
     new 5b32e9a  Consolidated .gitignore files
     new c964238  Stop building loadbalancer separately
     new be77d4c  Fix markers for starting/ending run for activation
     new 2568e2e  Bumping gradle to version 2.12 and remove build time dependency on
     new 2419d21  Add tests to verify a response code is present on failed API calls.
     new f4a7127  Update gitignores so that local env files that might have a suffix are also ignored.
     new a206742  Extend invoker to publish on kafka with CompletionMessage
     new f16b681  Funnel all docker ops through runDockerOp which has a global lock
     new 0d63cd4  Increase poll time
     new 8864766  Pull HTTP client out of the utility class so that multiple requests can reuse the same connection rather than generating and tearing down the connection repeatedly.
     new 9e8a533  Fix retry on package test, so that retry is on the view, not on the delete which will succeed if the view is not up to date yet.
     new be71686  Extend sentinel processing to stderr
     new 4d4e522  Add final so getImpl can be tail-recursive
     new 64a4a0e  Explicity catch exception in sendPayload in case http post neither works nor times out but throws an exception.  Minor cleanup and log improvements in the area
     new 30195c6  Add retry on docker container removal.
     new 405db14  Adds comment that clarifies the status code wrapping mod 256. Add TOO_MANY_REQUESTS value.
     new f2d3d4b  Print stack trace on one line. On blocking invoke, CLI reports full activation unless --result is used. Cleanup uses of duration DSL. Fix typo in catalog doc. Fix comment. Tweak test to print error message if defined.
     new 7580a49  Upgrading docker to 1.11
     new 8d498c2  Adding -f option to docker tag again, to be removed at a later stage of docker upgrades
     new 253e904  Change in flight message to show overall state on one line. Details on next line is sorted and shows indices.
     new 44f316c  add a guard to avoid an NPE if a post fails, and print the error message from a post to console.error
     new f45514b  Guard against undefined response and body in HTTP requests from action or trigger activation. Normalize error message to include the error code in the error string. Remove rawLog and replace with console since 'whisk' instance was not using rawLog and there's no real value to doing this. Move packages from package.json to Dockerfile to make clear these are part of packages available to actions and not required otherwise to run the action supporting harness. Order the pac [...]
     new 3990acd  Add retry around a view test.
     new 593f97a  Adding support for native python actions. Issue #16
     new 6e5aee9  guard against NPE that occurs in some regression tests
     new f94996a  Rebase docker image to ubuntu 14.04 and tweak docker runs. Bump docker timeout to 420 seconds.
     new 8fbdb13  Create Swift 3 runtime with KituraNet. Update CLI, add CLI and container tests.
     new f634a58  Moved Swift3 test, fixed formatting issues and extraneous white space in Swift code. Fixed up the CLI comments. Tweaked the Swagger docs more but these are a mess we need to fix more systematically.
     new 7fae6ad  Use custom thread pool in activator for db operations.
     new 955178d  Emergency reversion of python docker file
     new 3fc5b5d  Get gevent from apt, not from pip
     new 8a54e7c  Optimize docker images and travis build
     new 1bf5a46  Watson text to speech action.
     new 36c3f11  speech to text action
     new d7cc9e9  Provide support for tests to access a VCAP Services JSON object to retrieve service credential information.  Make access available via the VCAP_SERVICES environment variable or thru a JSON file.
     new 26eb6bd  Adding spray based Consul Client
     new 21fd14d  Modifying the weather package to use IBM Weather Insights. Removed pollen.js as IBM Weather Insights does not yet have a pollen API.
     new 27dce22  Be sure to pass along all environment variables when running a Swift action
     new 1fe2a30  Let ActionContainer tests set an environment.
     new cdead01  Make sure Swift actions can print to stdout.
     new 5435f38  Update languageId.js
     new 424eb3f  Constructs a "binding" annotation. This is redundant with the binding information available in WhiskPackage but necessary for some clients which fetch package lists but cannot determine which package may be bound. An alternative is to include the binding in the package list "view" but this will require an API change. So using an annotation instead.
     new c4b0e75  Add unit test for POST to /actions with &result=true. Update swagger.
     new 4a9c6ac  Add tests for creating trigger with an invalid feed from CLI. Modified CLI output on action invoke so that the activation result is projected correctly for 200, 500 and 502 activations. Removed "response:" prefix on blocking activation result.
     new 03c89b3  Factored common shell bits to '' from db scripts. Added 'wskadmin db get' operation to list db or view contents. Removed response logging on get. Fixed: copy action helper assumed copying sequence. Tweaked error message in CLI on copy. Added Apache 2.0 badge.
     new 33c2570  Print activation ID in all the action tests.
     new 1aaf1ee  Instrument the invoker Start instrumenting invoker Go on instrumenting invoker Change docker monitoring scancode index
     new 13b15ab  set end time = 0 for rule and trigger activations
     new 56123b0  Added test for trigger activation which checks that end time follows convention.
     new 93295da  Add markers to instrument Database-library Refactor markers
     new 8a456fc  Lifts pattern of extracting activation id, polling for activation to be completed, and then checking the result into a common helper withActivation. This method will always the activation id, activation record, and any command failures should invariants fail.
     new 1a4c3bb  Track activation issue by tracker and process consul info by invoker with initial partition
     new de92cf3  Fix comment
     new 3fa36e5  351 Update container to Swift 5-03 snapshot, add SwiftyJSON
     new 076aa9c  Create a Whisk object to allow Swift actions to invoke other actions and to trigger events
     new caed458  Issue #380 Add timeouts and retries to Swift3Container tests
     new 537ebfc  double default timeout for docker operations
     new b106348  Limit the timeout for container initialization to be no more than the action time limit.
     new c77f2b7  Documentation only: add some comments.
     new 83a1fdb  Addition of error JSON object to forecast.js
     new 7015a46  When testing .invoke() and .trigger() use non-blocking invoke. Additionally, move invoke and trigger Swift test actions to be sample actions which demonstrate these new functions.
     new 118bb9b  Bump test grace period for swift actions. Rewrite activation console tests in scala with some hardening. Fix #417 along the way (activation console when time traveling shows activations in correct order). Organize imports.
     new 00ce980  Remove version name as it is not used. If needed should use buildno instead.
     new 4d597a3  Change return codes to 50x level. Add missing response that can cause POST /init to timeout. Conform error messages. Add test for init with empty content.
     new 7b2af43  Fix race in container pool at startup where newly allocated warmed containers are killed.
     new 17946a8  Refactor README and add simple and custom Vagrant files.
     new d9f49f8  Fixes issue #352.
     new d655329  Add text2speech documentation.
     new dc1c588  Fix invoker lifecycle
     new 39851e5  Increase wait time for log sentinel marker to 1.5 seconds.
     new b92c47f  Fix Whisk.swift to return the correct result. Read the post response into NSData and then produce a JSON serialization from it. Make JSON parsing error from post() more generic so that it applies to invoke and trigger Update invoke.swift example action to be more explicit about the way activations are presented.
     new 61a02ae  Generlize useWarmContainer flag to correct unit testing bug.
     new f20bed8  Fixes #506. Add appropriate error message when referencing non-existing package in a bind operation. Update unit test.
     new 666c067  Create some samples in Swift equivalent to existing node.js ones
     new d227f20  Addition of new test utility to get VCAP credentials.
     new e0f8016  Skip pause/unpause of pre-warmed containers
     new db8d345  Defer teardown to nanny thread to reduce latency; Consolidate how we get logs
     new 686aa48  Fix flag scope error from teardown PR change
     new 43dc164  Add ws and packages to the Node.js runtime
     new 4118152  Enable parallel docker ops reworking killStraggler to not use global lock.
     new eb79581  Keeps track of status based on invoker instance so activation count can be reset when a new invoker instance comes online.
     new 6331010  Add Node.js 6 runtime
     new f1a2bc0  Silence out download progress info in Dockerfiles
     new d562ea9  Ported ConformanceTests to Spray client.
     new 807a18a  Bypass GSON in DB document serialization.
     new 9e66aec  Removed GSON dependency in core
     new 11a49df  Removed Cloudant SDK dependency
     new 5ebdbca  Fixes issue 568: activation id incorrectly treated as a number and fails to deserialize correctly into the desired type.
     new 4c3cb21  Add Watson SDKs 0.2.x to the Swift 3 runtime
     new 99fee73  Ignore a conformance test until chunking resolved
     new 2b6886f  Do not rely on the logs field for expected output
     new 193af9e  Fix Kakfa consumer property and flag.  Change kafka test to do 5 iterations since first one it topic creation.
     new e87a878  Delete dead property files.  Simplify
     new d78ef8d  Addition of bindTime:true for UI.
     new efa0757  Refactor activator functionality into controller.
     new 171ca89  Adding CORS support to API
     new 918f54a  Refactored ActivationThrottle to use ConsulClient
     new e5e077a  Replaced general API tests intended to test header responses for CORS with tests that can run as unit tests that do not entangle with a real deployment.
     new 3bae5bc  Add Go CLI to OpenWhisk
     new 371069c  Make ephemeral couchdb persistent in deploy
     new 0962d38  Add the iOS app examples and the sdk to local deploy
     new 4872644  .gitattributes set eol=lf on appropriate files
     new bf4f3ab  issue #580: delete roles predeploy and postdeploy. add new playbooks: wipe, initdb, properties. add new tasks. add new temlates. ant writePropertyFile uses ansible under the hood. initdb should not drop subjects db anymore. delete template-cloudant|couch-local.env that are not managed by ansible
     new 7049ba5  Enable active ack with response so that blocking activation from controller can round trip faster. Extend Completion message, redo plumbing for query response, track completion with a promise.
     new fd511e3  Document CORS headers #49 Add tests for OPTION calls #49
     new 018842b  redo: gradle/ansible sugar for building and deploying whisk.
     new 8548a55  .bat are Windows files
     new 4575f54  Normalized line endings in gradlew.bat
     new 5035edc  Adding action images as dependencies for the test task so they are guaranteed to be there when the testsuite runs
     new 8cb67bd  Resolve issue #560: - move blackbox sdk to open - provide ansible role for publishing SDKs - move blackbox to new folder 'sdk' - update readme - move blackbox tests to open - add zip to ubuntu setup used for publishing ios starter app currently - remove unnecessary npm packages from Dockerfile - use mktemp to make temp directories instead of hard-coding /tmp - provide publish.yml playbook to only refresh artifacts without redeploying nginx
     new c40520d  Fix all parts of the docker skeleton action which were completely broken. Check clientApp returns a JSON parsable object and if not, report error and log a message. Update example to show how params are received and return a proper JSON. Fix space in path in various build scripts. Add gradle build for docker skeleton - to enable testing locally. Replace broken docker action tests with test that verifies the docker skeleton can tolerate an init message and can receive/res [...]
     new ba0051c  Moved sources to standard folders. Moved loadBalancer code into controller project.
     new b14650f  Getting rid of warning in TestUtils
     new 247967c  Enable serial docker
     new c51e03c  Replaced ConsulKV by ConsulClient in Entitlement
     new 017b4d7  Ported CLIJavaTests to Scala
     new 1081c7f  Implement websocket/send action
     new 14e85b2  'wsk property get' now displays all properties and their values.  Also updated .gitattributes for .py files'
     new 1d58a37  Handle sequence update. Add unit tests for sequence create/update. Replace existing sequence tests with new and improved tests that also tests sequence update (and of course rewrite in scala).
     new 0c9b441  Add Go CLI to OpenWhisk
     new ab8f14f  Add missing \ to indicate a line break
     new 2f2b045  Detect target automatically for host when using redo. Setup requires env. .gitignore small cleanup. Fix resource exclusions.
     new b73aa7e  Add issue template to provide a framework for reporting problems and bugs
     new 07c94f7  Set CLI build version using gradle at build-time
     new 0d7cc7e  Fix active ack's completion of the promise. While the promise's future was bounded by timeout, it in fact would not fail as expected by the controller since the promise was never completed. Addressed by completing the promise on timeout (i.e., when active ack expiration has occurred).
     new 90df663  Change kafka consumer poll parameter.  Switch to
     new 57faa5f  Add a switch to all the tests to toggle between Python and GO CLI version. Fixed use of static python/go CLI switch; replaced with instance variable. Add missing wsk properties overrides in one test. Fix singleton object methods to accept required switch as argument. Add exemption for go cli link.
     new d221a17  Added message to indicate a timeout of an action in the activation record
     new 9a21e5b  Add -i/-s for allowing/disallowing untrusted certificates when connecting over HTTPS.
     new 2dcca37  Resolve "nodejs:default" kind into "nodejs:6"
     new c2b83c4  Adds `action update` test that expects failure when missing file is specified
     new 42a91e0  Flip CLI Test Suite Switches to Use Go CLI. Fix typo in test name.
     new bc89394  Fix issue #816. When updating an action that is already a sequence or when updating an action with a sequence, set parameters explicitly. If new action is not a sequence or if the type of the existing action is not a sequence, preserve new parameters or use pre-existing parameters.
     new 04ca627  Go CLI Does No Create Action from Empty File
     new e621e81  Fix Go CLI Action Defects
     new 7407ac0  Reverting the switch for CLIActionTests suite
     new 5b53361  Remove statics in WskCLI to avoid leaks across suites.
     new ac44731  Support Promises/A+ in nodeJsActions
     new ae5d489  Create a sample that demonstrates the use of returning a Promise for asynchronous actions
     new eea4a75  Bump Akka version.
     new 9735aff  Ported CouchDB client to akka-http
     new 17206ad  Simple test to check whether the DB is accessible
     new ef6cefb  Reenable conformance test on auth database.
     new 9fb220f  Make creation and passing of ActorSystems more explicit
     new b91b96f  CLI to failure when no authorization key configured/provided (prior to sending HTTP request)
     new 4d42978  Issue #661 Add sentinel marker to Swift and Swift3 runtimes, remove unnecessary Xlinker flags in swift build command
     new b4d9b0f  Upgrade to kafka 0.10
     new b5a88b7  Remove all ant build files.
     new 073db65  Bumping scala version to 2.11.8
     new 3a2829a  Add download link test for Go Cli binaries
     new 4b8375b  Add Ability to Test a Downloaded Go CLI
     new b22121e  Add --security-opt flag for AppArmor security policy to invoker. Can be configured using the INVOKER_CONTAINER_POLICY parameter in
     new c95d709  Add `action update` test that expects failure when missing file is specified.
     new 6e3a8b2  Fix Docker Actions in Go CLI
     new 1515fab  Revert test - I merged this not realizing the docker image will need to be pulled from docker hub and we have not publised the image to docker hub yet.
     new 00c7b4d  Make a log-less activation for active ack and do this before getting logs
     new 96b604e  Issue #875 fix repo location in Cartfile
     new fe0972a  Make sure that the Github webhook URL is properly encoded before using
     new d2a2456  Flip More CLI Test Suite Switches to Use Go CLI
     new 78395e5  Fix error message text check
     new 5b12fb1  Kafka consumer throttling in invoker (fixes #143).
     new 2baa855  Use .gitattributes to correct EOL chars for bash scripts not having .sh extension
     new 10861e1  Tweak docs, fix test to use asset cleaner, remove a sleep.
     new 86b1625  Fix WhiskError.HTTPError for change in iOS SDK.
     new e16aa68  Bump grace waiting for messages to be processed for slow deployments.
     new 7494a4d  wsk property command supports setting and deleting multiple properties
     new d80ab32  Go CLI Produces an Invalid Response When Whisk.Error() is Invoked
     new 49f8e17  Always Separate a Listed Name from its Published Type
     new ed93f51  Limitation of entites  - Allow controller to reecieve messages with a size of 50MB  - Check the size on creating entites (exec: 48MB, parameters: 1MB, annotations: 1MB  - Create `ByteSize` to reflect sizes of objects in Bytes
     new 537e176  Issue #907, add team to allow inclusion into CI
     new be31e3b  Further post-ant cleanup
     new 63169e7  Add more explicit handling of errors
     new f5137a2  Allow the repository field's value to be either <repoName> or <org>/<repoName>
     new 788908c  Allow CLI to set API host including protocol and port - this removes the hardcoded https dependence for the API base. Add tests for using CLI with API host that specifies protocol and port. Enabled only for Python CLI as it fails with Go CLI - see issue #924. Remove redundant required properties in Controller/Loadbalancer. Do not startup an actor system if the configuration is not valid. Allow controller to run without container. Since errors are now printed to stderr, r [...]
     new 6459cac  Add command to generate bash autocompletion script Fixes #802
     new 419f6f0  Include Auth Key from Properties when Creating and Deleting Triggers
     new bcce2a8  Update test case to place bash auto complete script in temp dir
     new 875b1af  Disable Trigger Test that uses Prop file
     new 9c309ff  Limit size of the logs, that are written in user containers
     new b4033e1  The test should be moved into another package.
     new 3ec8e82  Fixes issue #917: do not accept activation id longer than 32 chars if '-' is missing. Add tests for too short, too long and general malformed.
     new 2aa388e  Invalid annotation for split action
     new dbdd703  Watson annotation updates
     new 22ac92e  Ignoring all swift3 tests because Swift3 is experimental. Some of tests are failed sometimes and break the CI pipeline.
     new b0c5b45  Make logsize settable for each action
     new 171ad4c  Test to confirm that CouchDbRestClient is resilient to transient TCP errors
     new 49d4896  Lift the pull operation from the Container ctor chain into the container pool. Send docker pull operation to a different guard so that pull operations are serialized among themselves but can run concurrently with non-pull operations.
     new e833439  - Use a default api host value of "" (empty string) - --apihost argument still overrides configured apihost value (including the default value) - Add test case to check for default property values - Fix bug: `wsk property get --apihost` would return all property values
     new 4ec45d5  Change image for pre-warmed containers from NodeJs to NodeJs6 since the latter is the default for Node actions now. Fixes #976.
     new d7e944a  BUG: Unsafe parameter passing in Python action
     new 547a563  Add compilation for init with check for compilation errors and modify test accordingly (fixes #493). Add test for bug fix related to unsafe parameter passing ({x: null} for example)
     new 4a43e0b  Update weather package to use username and password not apiKey.
     new 7aba342  Cleaning up gradle files
     new cd03271  Helper to construct/teardown ActorSystems in tests
     new cf83096  Disable CouchDbRestClient connection tests
     new a2962be  add swapfile to Vagrant Fixes #708
     new c7cb079  Modify activation feed so that we grab next batch of messages and commit offsets immediately, essentially marking the activation as having satisfied "at most once" semantics (this is the point at which the activation is considered started); if the commit fails, then messages peeked are peeked again on the next poll.
     new 4dc7617  Make sure that the Github webhook URL is properly encoded before using
     new 3575746  Fix link to CLI and add API host tip. Fix link to db README.
     new 1a657a0  WIP: Update Go CLI Package Argument Errors
     new b170856  Split CLI tests into basic usage and integration tests.
     new bf63219  Remove services:registrator in gradle setting
     new 1946aca  Annotations Must be Parsed as Raw JSON
     new 1d8574c  Change KVReporter's input thunk so that it accepts a count.  Use count to reduce the rate at which user activation counts are written out
     new 803b8ab  Have whisk.invoke() and whisk.trigger() return a Promise if the next callback is not provided
     new edcf225  Create Transaction based logging. Make emit implicit instead of passing it around. Use akka Loglevel instead of own Loglevels. Move the logmarker to the end of the message fixes #487.
     new 884f3e7  Updates Weather Forecast Action to use new version of the API
     new 3b65d17  Make websocket/send fail if a connection is not established within a reasonable time.
     new f8e43c8  Change default rule creation behavior to have status=ACTIVE (see #636).
     new 6b14830  make TestUtils more verbose. log cli arguments and results. add null check for logger.
     new b9dee18  Updated sample text
     new 71fa0a8  Flip the Switch to Install the Catalog with the Go CLI
     new 6068da2  Add colors for entity/JSON dumps to console (related to issue  #947 and PR #949) Remove `--full` argument from `wsk action list` and `wsk package list` Remove `--service_guid` argument from `wsk package create|update` Add `--summary` argument to `wsk rule get` and `wsk trigger get` commands Add `--summary` test cases
     new 266df2e  Surface proper message when rule update failed due to trigger absence
     new bdfe548  Adding new exception type, fixing entity conformance logs
     new 2863387  Add since parameter to WskCli to get only activation from the current test. Fixes #1061.
     new bea28b5  Remove unused variables from WhiskConfig and add the ability to Config to ask for environment-variables.
     new 6cf2ce6  Treat Scala compiler warnings as failures
     new f7f280e  Sets the context classloader before running Java actions
     new 6977485  Extend ConsulClient to support catalog and health API
     new 88be6df  Remove old and unused blocking ConsulKV client
     new d347b12  Set iOS starter app scheme to be shared
     new c6fc191  Remove Pipe Dependency from Action Sequences
     new b6855f5  Make ConsulClient throw the right exception if an entry is not present
     new 9a53a8f  Adding tests for all throttles
     new d4c7486  Add a ticket based queue to ensure fairness in container acquisition
     new 0ec2fca  Adds "action proxy" a new base image for actions including swift and "black box" using a common proxy server coded in python and using flask. The proxy implements the required init and run routes. The container include a sample shell script making it useful as a stand alone example action. It also allows arbitrary shell scripts (python, perl, bash, etc.) to run by initializing the internal action code on init. The run methods always prints the required sentinels, making  [...]
     new 4c19293  Rebase swift(3) actions using new action proxy and override epilogue, buil and env method to properly build binary and serialize input as required by swift actions. Rebase python action using new action proxy. Rename runner files to {lang/runtime}
     new 5bcdb48  Remove unecessary complexity in determining if container has log markers - since invoker has an Exec reference, associate the information with the type. Add python to set of containers for which the invoker expects log markers.
     new 0bcfbd8  Add new tests for the common action proxy. Refactor tests so that standard tests for actions not returning JSON, actions printing to stdout/stderr, and actions validating expected environment don't need to be repeated explicitly. Also tightened tests so that the runtimes conform to expected messages/errors and markers on stdout/stderr. As noted, new tests added to confirm action environment contains expected properties - namely auth key and edge host.
     new b1d16b3  Use akka-http for requests from the invoker to the containers
     new e07955e  Ported ActionContainer tests to akka-http client.
     new ef44b54  Make image prefix configurable.
     new a76115a  Do not introduce stem cell container into the pool if it failed to initialize.
     new bb3466d  relaxing python action environment test
     new 74e3364  add field level descriptions and doclink to github webhook
     new a5945af  Change CI-tool to be compatible with new Jenkins
     new a60cd47  Rename CLISwiftTests
     new 9352d1b  update to support token authentication
     new 4ee1c45  Tighten the policy to pull images when creating a container
     new f4e5c78  Run the DockerExampleContainerTests with the unprefixed version of the example image
     new 359cb47  pinned ios sdk depedency
     new 361a818  Strengthen type safety in Invoker
     new 032df7c  Refactoring the test cases to install openwhisk-catalog
     new 4ea7897  Rebase action proxy (dockerskeleton) on alpine image.
     new 9c14273  Fix spelling mistakes.
     new 78945d9  Add verbosity on availability and queue state when getting, returning, or waiting for container.
     new e4bd836  Increase actions in Throttle test
     new 4c7ce86  Add retries around tests using views for eventual consistency.
     new 145d857  Fix race in controller/invoker active ack.
     new 09b4927  Use cpu sharing to limit cpu resource.  Map multiple containers per core.
     new cc7e8bf  Change response code for non-existent package NotFound -> NotAllowed.
     new 0a390f8  Copying SlackTests and GreetingTests from openwhisk-catalog repo
     new c562266  Rewrite CLIActionTests in Scala, refactor withActivation helper
     new 531c6b5  Remove obsolete timeout and polling for rule status.
     new 0de7ef3  Rewriting CLIRuleTests in Scala, adding a new testhelper
     new cc306bf  Removing obsolete tests
     new da8f5b3  Remove ParallelRunner and its exemption from
     new c363cd6  Remove unused utility classes
     new 4c8b169  Refactor runCmd, remove obsolete helperclasses
     new 327474a  Removes unused .wskprops helper methods
     new 114cc39  Remove more deadcode and some dusting.
     new 79b04a3  Refactor and Update Invalid Param and Annotation Test
     new 3648466  Remove unnecessary sleeps in invoker.
     new 7e5b809  Fix initialization timeout.
     new f33f004  Fix activation responses.
     new 476e127  Remove redundant Busy on container get.  Clean up and extend logging.  Warn on slow docker op.
     new 3491461  Tightens the timeout on a "safety" Await.
     new cea609e  Move starting counter to where it should be.
     new a2cefb8  Fix race on creating counter and other triemap anti-pattern fixes.
     new 82261a7  Move check for pool capacity. Add comments for further improvements to investigate.
     new 6b59f59  Reprint warning periodically. Reduce secondary timeout on container connection.
     new 602fb3d  Additional entitlement tests:
     new 1866ba4  Fixing bad merge
     new dab2fe5  ContainerIP no longer stringly-typed.
     new 2aed38d  DockerOutput no longer Option[String]
     new 4f40290  Strongly typing container names and hashes
     new b282529  Move note about not sharing sensitive information inside the comment block.
     new da80350  Removed pool reference from [Whisk]Container.
     new 4608854  Change docker lock to a fair lock
     new bf8e2af  Rename dispatcher to invoker.
     new c7d5f8f  Move main to Invoker singleton.
     new 2be9495  Rewrite the tests to remove the dependency on installed catalog
     new 615c7f3  Remove Dockerfile.publish and rewrite existing out during deploy.
     new a61ecb0  Adding `requests` to the python container
     new ee3922e  Add more packages to base images.
     new 34596a0  Add flag to control docker operation serialization
     new d0db1f2  Rename Namespace to be EntityPath.
     new 482866e  Always use Default Locale
     new 371019d  check docker version before tagging
     new 18c6cb1  Remove Swift SDK Placeholder
     new 093065d  make action names unique in WskRuleTests
     new 7fb734f  Attachment put/get endpoints and related test.
     new 1c95f95  Expose attachment endpoints in CouchDbRestStore
     new 4ce8acf  Remove the catalog
     new 129acc8  Fix the typo of fullActioName
     new 605a035  add a test (currently ignored) for a rule with a packaged action.
     new e8869f5  Update, and Refactor Invalid Argument Handling - Update invalid argument handling for activations, triggers, rules, and namespace - Refactor action and package invalid argument handling
     new 2174626  Remove Enable Flag from Rule Create
     new e8462e8  Add timing information to docker commands
     new 4a29a3a  Refactored docker.gradle to use a more declarative approach on parsing the docker version
     new 76f7503  Remove CLI Switches from Automated Test Suites
     new d888539  Reify types in ActivationMessage
     new e43c039  Display Params in Package, and Action Summaries
     new db46457  All Protocol to be Set for API Hosts
     new f774957  Remove All References to Python CLI from Ansible
     new 694d915  Add the deprecation script
     new 61db04d  Using zookeeper image from Dockerhub
     new c68decc  Support limited scope authkeys.
     new 3dbb014  Bump gradle version to 3.0
     new acf55df  Using consul image from Dockerhub (#1280)
     new 2662930  Allow Namespace to be Set When Setting an API Host
     new 143958a  Update Go CLI Dockerfile
     new 06064ce  Delete hourly limits.  Change limits to defaultLimits.
     new 8fba4f3  Add activation annotations.
     new ad25dca  Fix redo for CLI.
     new 6d3f772  Remove unnecessary use of DocInfo on DB get where DocId is sufficient.
     new 213b39b  Change missleading error messages of throttling
     new 44a93fd  Adjust throttle tests to settle correctly should test fail.
     new d24c257  Issue #1296 Update starter app for Xcode 8 GM
     new 47bb499  Remove throttle tightening.
     new 1df07a5  Move wskadmin to tools/admin.
     new 014969f  Fixes two errors in invoke path:
     new 5cb0df3  Remove Try on activaton-wait, should these fail, the Try hides the underlying issue.
     new f2f8d4b  increase allowed action duration from 30 to 45 sec
     new e3c7de6  Raised payload size limit in nodejsaction proxy (#1324)
     new de069c2  Issue 1133, update Swift 3 container and tests
     new b55a87a  Allow Namespace Get to Retrieve Different Namespaces
     new fa225b4  Tweak parameter as short term fix until consul work is completed
     new d250bc2  Wrap Kafka Consummer onMessage with exception handling.
     new f042867  Do not save container log by default. (#1339)
     new 85f2801  Add manual compilation to Swift 3 action container
     new 3e4e273  Update JSON Index for CLI Download
     new 9ce3a4b  Prevent Entity Names from being Modified
     new 14b8958  Plumb loadbalancerService into Entitlement complex. Remove load balancer from publishing its internal counts to consul by having ActivationThrottler directly consult LB. Change Counter to return Long.  Misc cleanup around LoadBalancer boundary.
     new e3150e9  Generalize queryMap to activationMap.
     new 4e36719  Use Promises within nodeJsAction proxy code. (#1348)
     new 1158440  Do Not Omit Fields from Activation Records
     new ea6dce4  Allow JSON to be Input from a File (#1175)
     new 7935bff  upgrade node actions for use version v.0.12.16 and v6.7 (#1389)
     new c74d25c  Issue #1371, dynamically generate swift compile and link script (#1393)
     new 3ae0433  Add group-parameter to couch-view-execution
     new 5c508b6  Added a `binary` field to action records.
     new 21398bc  Container support for zipped node modules as actions
     new dd24bde  Unify support for zip/jar creation in container tests.
     new 7a3d7e9  up socket timeout of python action to 60 seconds
     new b8ca9d3  Issue #1350 Make Swift 3 default
     new e3b2f25  Removing Kafka monitor, implementing standalone isAlive check
     new 1b213bb  CLI base64-encodes zip actions and treats them as JS
     new 2f72e3e  Display Proper Error Message from Error Object
     new 74f8f8b  Exchange own Kafka image with ches/kafka
     new 1324fda  Extend load balancer to track activations.  Switch activation throttler from consul to this. (#1407)
     new bcfee62  Display Better Error When API Host is not Set
     new f3fc4f7  Remove invoker tracking/publishing per-subject activation counts. (#1430)
     new 421bc22  Change misleading message in ContainerPool and don't be so verbose. Fix ContainerPoolTest to be more lenient and give GC a chance to remove container.
     new 0f9f86d  Reorder testexecution to properly clean up, wait longer than check time in consul check (#1442)
     new fa93e27  'undefined' is displayed on whisk.invoke errors
     new 5dc7847  Thread poll limit through correctly
     new 7cb77cc  Add checks for the number of (atomic) actions in a sequence
     new 6013906  Add _all_docs call to the extended CouchDbClient
     new 8ec2c20  Replace InMemoryCache with new impl that avoids read under write races
     new e70727e  Enable trigger caching now that cache properly transacts reads and writes. (#1455)
     new f09bb15  Generate SSL certificate on setup.
     new 20f44cb  Allow sanitize to retry on package cleaning for eventual consistency.
     new badf2eb  Issue #1458, update iOS starterApp FilterForecast action to work with Swift 3 runtime (#1462)
     new 078afc4  Rewrite test script.
     new c037ba3  Improve extract activation id to work for 'wsk activation get' run result
     new b06697a  Do Not Cross Compile CLI by Default
     new 342be7c  Initialize docker skeleton with native binaries.
     new b6bce7b  Refactor sequence tests. Leave creation and retrieval in core cli, move sequence execution testing to system basictesting
     new 40ef479  Compute msec duration for whisk activations from actions.
     new 473e1a6  Fix Config/WhiskConfig for optional properties.
     new 4d30f11  Refactoring of the entitlement trait to remove the "namespaces" method.
     new ad28bb6  Fix optional config override when not defined (with test).
     new ea42cf8  Migrate Controller's authentication to the new schema
     new ae9a8fd  Add option to include Docs in ExtendedCouchClient
     new 5065ca5  Add exec kind to annotation for an action and show it in action list.
     new 6600776  Add Property Projections
     new 6f9966a  Fix Failing Property Filter Test
     new 607ef46  Fix gaps in package entitlement. Add tests for binding a private package or trying to get properties of private packages.
     new aebeff8  Normalize property reading from file and consul.
     new b9c0502  Test for internal server error on data corruption.
     new aaa19b6  Internalize Sequence combinator into the controller.
     new 383ca8e  Rules with actions in packages. Update rules tests for new schema. Use explicit selector on version in fully qualified name of entity. Refactor entitlement check. Rename EntitlementService to EntitlementProvider.
     new b72f481  Add package use tests when referencing a non-package or non-existant one for a binding.
     new 1283332  Introduce ReferencedEntities trait to compute referenced entities for a PUT request.
     new a35dab8  Omit Result from Activation if Empty
     new d4a4b95  Allow PUT request for package to have optional binding specified as empty JSON object {}.
     new 894d7d7  System tests for seq with package visibility changes.
     new 477fc67  Update NodeJS runtimes and packages to latest
     new b0d3118  Unify action container environments
     new 9dfc2f9  Fix SchedulerTests: Wait for the actor to be terminated
     new c66140c  API GW CLI support
     new e010121  seq test with bindings and parameters
     new 4d7153d  API GW database creation and wipe API GW backend route management action and package creation backend route management action negative parameter tests tests temporarily disabled until after merge so PG scripts can be updated squashing all review-time commits
     new 13c3d63  pass unique trigger name in test
     new a829d98  Add the method to get the credentials as a json object
     new 496eff1  Update Shared Processing
     new 1c8f223  Overwrite wsk config file to prevent polution from .wskprops. Remove default namespace from names in sequence test to test implicit default package.
     new 7c4ac17  Reflecting new authentication behaviour in whois: returns namespace
     new 5b8a1e8  Remove --shared on wsk action cmds.
     new e828fcc  Introduce --main flag for Java actions
     new 9eec555  NodeJS container support for alternative entry points.
     new 45ea0a0  Python container support for alternative entry points.
     new 8993177  Swift container support for alternative entry points.
     new 2e43e01  CLI & entity/invoker support for --main for NodeJS/Python/Swift.
     new 19c7125  Fix missing binding resolution for actions referenced by rules.
     new 1aad78c  Add test for rule from trigger/action with and without `_` as namespace.
     new 32d9fe0  Add test with sequence in a rule.
     new 6931afa  Ensure that Promises rejected with no message result in failed activations.
     new d0c10ff  Bug fix: resolve action before entitlement service in activate path. This is a special case for sequences that may contain _ as default namespace in their components. Add test with sequence components that contain _ as default namespace.
     new 69a8547  Helpers for fully qualified names. Camel-case some methods, add javadoc, and remove some redundant methods. Add more tests for entitypath.
     new 99576a8  API Gateway router as an instance of generic meta API router.
     new e01b282  Enable API GW routemgmt action tests
     new 7c0dabe  API GW end-to-end health test
     new f61ab5e  Remove duplicate test case
     new 0b4bcb8  Wait for commit failure before posting new message in test.
     new 1babf0c  Add test for rate throttle.
     new 36044bd  Fix Package Delete
     new 2d075b5  Fix CLI issues - Handle scenarios when base path ends in `/` - Fix CLI tests cases so that the test APIs are entirely deleted
     new 36a02c3  Fix swagger config file support
     new f2b1a91  Omit Exec Code if Empty
     new fd78bbf  Measure bytesize of strings as if encoded in UTF-8.
     new 15f2ff2  Separate invokers into those that only run blackbox containers and those that run managed ones. The sets may overlap as there is a non-empty requirement. Simplify invoker selection which also takes a step towards dynamic choice. Add parameter to control fraction of invokers dedicated to blackbox containers.
     new 39950ce  Delete
     new ea3786d  Update Delete
     new ad5f0b1  Tighten container reclamation.
     new ff2021e  Add retry/delay to API GW end-to-end test.
     new be4a6e3  Fix namespace passed to action to be subject namespace not action namespace.
     new 32ff107  Add Tests for __OW_NAMESPACE Environment Variable
     new 6701544  Actions should receive API_HOST not EDGE_HOST. Rename to (which must include protocol if defined). Add openwhisk to list of packages available to node actions.
     new 2dd0ea3  Unit tests for api gateway CLI
     new a05babd  More unit test for access and entitlement.
     new 99f9441  Add a testLean task to exclude extranous tests.
     new dba388d  Remove remaining apply() to String.
     new 8690979  Fix parameter passing for node actions. Allow for main to be specified.
     new 78a2c33  Use Default Namespace if the Property is Blank
     new e14548a  Print exception that may have occurred during test execution before deleting assets created during test.
     new fc3bf02  Remove pipecode and code from SequenceExec
     new 55f0bfe  Introduce experimental immutable parameters.
     new 8567d60  Preserve File Permissions from Tar Files
     new 23aa93a  Issue #1705, fix Whisk object in Swift 3 container
     new 227bd52  Provide system key per configuration
     new 3cebe77  Removing obsolete view, throwing out rotten test
     new 33a3a33  Create keys the v2 way
     new 52fac1f  Change entitlement check to return future.success only if authorized.
     new d235026  Rewrite JsHelper and other minor fixes
     new 4add8bc  Fix embarassing bug that hides test failures.
     new 5df6c59  Remove throwable's message from HTTP response on 500 codes.
     new 7b52b96  Allow blocking requests to specify a desired timeout.
     new cfda995  Disable automatic timeouts for nodejs actions in proxy server. (#1745)
     new c07e5ef  Update
     new 84770aa  UTF-8 test for NodeJS containers. Re-enable UTF8 entity test (has been OK for a while).
     new 6305009  Fix for Java actions and UTF8.
     new b8f5eb8  Fix Python and Swift for unicode.
     new 552b372  Test CouchDB client with unicode docs.
     new 4fa8d6c  Allow delete/update of rule even if in active state.
     new db54fdb  Bumping gradle to 3.3
     new ed68bc3  Repackage routemgmt actions - As a .zip - Use common utilities module Refactor routemgmt actions - No longer store API configuration in a separate database - Use the API GW as the API configuration data store Small updates to automated tests
     new e42c87f  Add namespace CRUD for wskadmin.
     new d4c1ebc  Allow unauthenticated invocation of actions.
     new 48b8299  Fix namespace and action parsing to allow for space characters Include test case for API created with action name containing all support characters
     new 7d34d0e  Validate entity size on activations.
     new 2f8e270  Enhance web actions with formdata input and binary data output.
     new d1216b2  Fix misaligned CLI output Fixes #1646 Add --full flag to display complete API details
     new 90f135d  gitignore .zip files except for those explicitly whitelisted
     new 327ee67  Remove unused classes.
     new 3f04ff0  Limit response size.
     new c6c4b65  Add entity limit test for meta route.
     new 23762ae  Limit entity names.
     new 5f35eb0  Fix revision preserving behaviour of WhiskEntitys (#1792)
     new 2c351d8  Use Result Parameter when Invoking Actions (#1788)
     new e4e4bfb  Update
     new 038abcb  increase timeout value for entitlement tests (#1795)
     new f318b94  Fix bugs related to zero components in sequence
     new 18c1077  Tweak server configurations. Add comments.
     new e65815e  Create script to create backups of all databases
     new ba3254a  Bumping actionContainer test timeouts to 60 seconds (#1827)
     new 5c6a90b  Include Parameters and Annotations when Copying an Action (#1662)
     new d42ee54  Properly Handle Errors Received from Blocking Invocations (#1820)
     new 5644e78  Harden replication test (#1834)
     new 05f61a9  Change logging to Akka-logging (#1836)
     new 900da09  Handle application errors in web actions. (#1801)
     new 4633772  Tweak tests in pr#1716, set fileHandleLimit to 1024 (#1847)
     new 5be176b  Add kafka_python library to the Python action runtime (#1829)
     new fd905f8  fix checking in actionLimitTest (#1857)
     new ca68aad  Remove Decoding of Scheme from Action Invocations (#1802)
     new fc98e45  Rework replicator tests to use environment-specific prefix (#1876)
     new 645c5e8  Left align entity name in activation list. Enable test.
     new 95b484a  Added swagger tests and updated swagger test docs
     new 9b7b3d7  Remove meta packages, normalize on web actions.
     new 4836775  Do not retry /run on action containers
     new 1c04046  GC container after a failed unpause
     new a5cbdd6  remove whisk object (#1878)
     new 5ad4588  Flatten Exec hiearchy (#1911)
     new d888f87  Invoker health ping through kafka
     new ce31fda  Modify controller to check for deprecation status of runtime.
     new 1b58ebe  Remove swift 2 action proxy.
     new c24177c  Reduce time to execute tests by 10 minutes (#1935)
     new 5054015  Refactor CLI so that additional commands won't need common code updates
     new 30da7fb  Remove feature to access multiple namespaces with one key
     new 43047f9  Cleanup factory indirections
     new 5e394e2  Support python actions with zip files.
     new 586a312  Normalize initializer for all execs. (#1938)
     new 30f8260  print as function + flake8 changes (#1944)
     new e83e3bf  Warn users against the dangers of using Windows Explorer's zip action.
     new 999350f  Bump scalatest version
     new d525f42  Fix regression introduced in #1946 (#1950)
     new f58e9f6  Remove python version of the CLI. (#1958)
     new d46fd01  Encode Exec runtime manifests in deployment configuration.
     new 00227ae  Clean up test project (#1960)
     new 196265b  Allow pre-compiled Swift binaries.
     new d1819a2  # This is a combination of 4 commits. # This is the 1st commit message: Update header to comply with Apache requirements
     new b3152d1  Remove dependence on Exec.[js, ...] helpers; these are test helpers hence move to test.
     new 79f7e3c  Replace the old InvokerHealth with the actor based one (#1865)
     new 299e495  Moved to swift client repo.
     new ca92129  Update all remaining Python files with ASF license
     new 14233fe  Adding documentation on gradle usage
     new 54feef5  testEcho() now works with Python 2 and Python 3 (#2007)
     new 342a22e  drop support for nodejs 0.12.x (#2022)
     new 9bf3c95  Handle bytes to string conversion in actionproxy. (#1867)
     new 415f562  Add python:3 action support.
     new 3a319df  Enable tests for unicode for python, swift. (#2070)
     new a6abdb5  Tiny text changes to clarify how enhancement requests should be raised in GH issues (#2100)
     new 352887d  Adds virtualenv support for python actions.
     new be8d8af  API GW V2 - Add 'wsk api` command (#2068)
     new dd4f82b  Adds multiple file support for Swift actions with zip files. (#1993)
     new f2bc0cb  Bump gradle to version 3.5 (#2176)
     new 60d991b  Implement a proxy for a container to implement concurrent behavior (#2107)
     new 43488fe  replace github refs openwhisk to apache (#2236)
     new 470c27d  Make travis fast again (#2308)
     new 0b87c0e  Install/upgrade six module before installing other dependencies (#2322)
     new fe3cb38  Changed all .scala and .java files to ASF license headers. (#2367)
     new 9d37b3f  Add Swift 3.1.1 as a kind (#2120)
     new 7f0aff6  Make OW run with docker for mac (#1790)
     new 59833f3  ignore *.class with .gitignore (#2448)
     new d738ae1  Remove play dependence. (#2438)
     new f3294b9  Update documentation:formatting for intelliJ (#2511)
     new 8cb107f  Add PHP 7.1 as a kind (#2415)
     new ccd6871  Adopt .gitignore to ignore generated certs. (#2525)
     new 6f43aff  Reuse namespace in the Python 3 action runtime (#2522)
     new 1e02bc6  SPI approach for pluggable implementations. (#2414)
     new 29beb13  Add ability to add own environments without polluting git
     new 48c0684  Port Controller from Spray to Akka (#2218)
     new ad8bbfa  Update kafka_python to 1.3.4 (#2618)
     new a339b0c  Bumping to gradle 4.1. (#2399)
     new b4d6ac6  Remove old invoker code and refactor accordingly. (#2602)
     new 8c6740d  Use Java based JsonSchema validator (#2565)
     new f945036  Simplify Spi implementations. (#2663)
     new 676e273  Ignore IntelliJ '.iml' project file (#2671)
     new 19a6765  Apply standard scala formatting. (#2650)
     new 3072d25  Bump akka-http to version 10.0.10. (#2726)
     new bd8ce2a  update .gitignore out/ for intellij (#2756)
     new d6bf29f  Support docker for mac using the 'local' environment (#2686)
     new 5d05613  ContainerFactory SPI (#2659)
     new 504877f  Share bookkeeping data across controllers (#2531)
     new 497a977  configure as stand-alone repo

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