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From Romain Manni-Bucau <>
Subject Re: Meecrowave Roadmap
Date Sun, 01 Oct 2017 17:56:16 GMT
Hi Remo,

Le 1 oct. 2017 18:56, "Remo Meier" <> a écrit :


I would have a number of questions and feedback about Meecrowave. I may
also be able to contribute a few things.

1. Is there any alignment planned with EE4J or micro-profile? In contrast
to other approaches like Wildfly Swarm, Meecrowave for sure is a big step
in the right direction for JEE IMHO.

No but since MP is just a set of cdi extensions no blocker to use it. FYI
it is done at geronimo project.

Same applies for JavaEE or EE4J. In particular since one goal of Meecrowave
was to keep only good things of EE we will probably not grow too much.

Anything special you are thinking about?

2. Will it stay a openwebbeans thing? Or are you also interested in
contributions from other JEE vendors? My company is married to Weld &
Hibernate for example, but likes Deltaspike, Tomcat and CXF from the Apache
side. With CDI and Jigsaw I would expect something like this to work in the
future with JEE.

Not sure I get it, it will stay an OWB subproject which doesnt prevent
contributions - we already got some ;).

3. Asciidoc for documentation would be great.

It is the case, see doc module.

4. I'm not so familiar with the Apache guidelines regarding collaboration.
But Git, Github presence, Travis, Sonar, Gitter or similar would be great
to have.

We are on github, we can have a sonar at asf - dont wait for me for that
since i have only bad experiences with it ;), no blocker for travis AFAIK.

5. In terms of missing features and contributions, for example JSR 352
Batch (like jberet), Weld, metrics, health checks, configuration API,
Hibernate and opinionated Gradle plugins to create RPMs (with systemd
integration) and docker would be great to have.

Batchee works OOTB with meecrowave - for jbatch, weld will not be
integrated since we dont aim to be portable between spec vendors but a
highly integrated asf stack, others parts are already covered elsewhere
with cdi extensions or build tools (even if here we intentionally integrate
more with mvn).

For the config deltaspike or geronimo config are good fit, sirona for the
monitoring works well - or metrics-cdi if you prefer, hibernate works well
with deltaspike or jpa meecrowave extension.

Regards Remo

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