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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache OpenWebBeans-2.0.0
Date Mon, 10 Jul 2017 11:21:05 GMT
Good afternoon!

We are proud to call a VOTE on releasing Apache OpenWebBeans-2.0.0

This is an implementation of the CDI-2.0 specification (JSR-365) which just got released.

We already tested it with DeltaSpike, BVal and quite a few other projects, and it really looks
fine so far!

Besides implenting CDI-2.0 the following bugs and enhancements got fixed


	• [OWB-1185] - implement Annotated#getAnnotations
	• [OWB-1186] - update logic for bootstrapping-events
	• [OWB-1187] - implement configurators
	• [OWB-1188] - implement async events
	• [OWB-1189] - add new parts to the event-api
	• [OWB-1190] - implement java-se support
	• [OWB-1192] - update logic for Instance
	• [OWB-1193] - implement InterceptionFactory

	• [OWB-1179] - OWB-Arquillian scanner doesn't ignore classes with ClassNotFound and NoClassDefFound
	• [OWB-1183] - OWB-Arquillian does not supports implicit bean discovery mode
	• [OWB-1184] - arquillian connector doesn't support BDAs
	• [OWB-1196] - Signed classes can't be proxied: java.lang.SecurityException: class "com.Foo$$OwbNormalScopeProxy0"'s
signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same package
	• [OWB-1197] - OwbSWClassLoader creates wrong URL

	• [OWB-1135] - Remove duplication for openwebbeans/Messages
	• [OWB-1195] - do a codestyle analysis check and apply fidings before releasing OWB-2.0.0

	• [OWB-1087] - fix failing integration tests with java 8
	• [OWB-1182] - Implement the CDI-2.0 API

The staging repo is here

The Source release can be found here

Please VOTE:
[+1] yeah, let's ship it
[+0] meh, don't care
[-1] no, because I found a ${showstopper}

The VOTE is open for 72h

A special thanks to all who put their hard time into making this release possible!

txs and LieGrue,
the Apache OpenWebBeans team

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