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From "Steve Sobol - Lobos Studios" <>
Subject Re[2]: OWB, Servlets and Jetty 9
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2016 17:19:23 GMT
I've used Jetty for years. My impression is that it is used pretty 
heavily in an embedded role, but not very often at all as a standalone 
server. But I personally use it as a standalone server.

The webapps I'm working on will be deployed to existing servers already 
running Jetty.

Years ago I started working on Java webapps with Tomcat, and I found the 
process of configuring the server rather confusing. I switched to Jetty 
back then and have used it ever since. I know it's been a while, and 
many things have probably changed, but I really have no desire to go 
back to Tomcat or a derivative as I have an extremely high comfort level 
with Jetty.

I'll take a look at that source code - I'm fine cooking something up 
myself, but wasn't sure where to start from. Thank you!

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From: "Romain Manni-Bucau" <>
To: "" <>; 
"Steve Sobol - Lobos Studios" <>
Sent: 6/7/2016 10:09:37 AM
Subject: Re: OWB, Servlets and Jetty 9

>Hi Steve,
>think we are very few to use jetty and with modern tooling (tomee 
>embedded, tomcat embedded etc) jetty request kind of decreased I think.
>To make it work you would need to wrap the InstanceManager 
>instantiating servlets/filters of jetty to add CDI integration there. 
>This is pretty close of what tomcat integration does 
>BTW out of curiosity: why didn't you choose tomee instead of 
>integrating it all yourself?
>Romain Manni-Bucau
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>2016-06-07 19:04 GMT+02:00 Steve Sobol - Lobos Studios 
>>Hey all,
>>New to CDI - I'm working on switching my JEE webapps from JSF managed 
>>beans to CDI.
>>I use Jetty, exclusively, and JSF works fine with Jetty and OWB, but 
>>@Inject in servlets (and presumably elsewhere) does not.
>>I started out with JBoss Weld, which ships with Jetty 9, but trying to 
>>get Weld working in my IDE was a nightmare and I gave up. (IntelliJ 
>>IDEA Ultimate 2016.2 if anyone cares, but this morning I upgraded to 
>>So as an alternative to getting the bundled CDI functionality to work, 
>>I tried OpenWebBeans instead and now I'm good to go, except that I 
>>can't use DI in the servlets I'm creating.
>>I have a workaround (query BeanManager through JNDI), so this is not a 
>>life-or-death urgent issue (not even close!) - but it would be nice if 
>>I could get it working. A mailing list search turned up
>>That thread states that Jetty 8 is buggy and that the OWB team even 
>>gave up on working with Jetty and switched to Tomcat* - but the thread 
>>is from 2012, and Jetty 8 was EOL'd a while ago.
>>So my questions are:
>>** What is the current state of @Inject using OWB and Jetty?
>>** If it's not working, what would be required to *get* it working?
>>Weld can do DI into Servlets and Filters in Jetty 7, 8 or 9, and into 
>>Servlet listeners in 9.1.1 or newer. (according to 
>>But I'd much rather use OWB.
>>    Steve
>>* OWB and Tomcat are both ASF projects. Weird that y'all didn't use 
>>Tomcat from the start.
>>Lobos Studios | Phone: 877.919.4WEB | | 
>> | @LobosStudios
>>Web Development - Mobile Development - Helpdesk/Tech Support - 
>>Computer Sales & Service
>>Acer Authorized Reseller - Computers, Windows and Android Tablets, 
>>Steve Sobol - CEO, Senior Developer and Server Jockey
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