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From Lars-Fredrik Smedberg <>
Subject Question on Interceptors and CDI specifications/versions
Date Sat, 08 Nov 2014 13:46:43 GMT

As I can see JSR318 contains two specifications, EJB 3.1 Specification and
Interceptors 1.1 (and later on Interceptors 1.2 MR)

EJB 3.1 as well as Interceptors 1.1 are included in Java EE6.
Interceptors 1.2 is included in Javav EE7.

When I look in Inteceptors Specification 1.1 I find no references to a
specific CDI version or to CDI at all.

When I look in Interceptors Specification 1.2 I see the following:

*1.2 Relationship to Other Specifications*

"...and the CDI specification requires support for the chapters 2,3 and 5
(excluding 5.5)."

CDI specification here points to "JSR346 - Context and Dependency Injection
for the Java EE Platform 1.1 (CDI specification)"

*2.7 Timeout Method Inteceptors*

"Interceptor methods that interpose on timeout methods are denoted by the
AroundTimeout annotation."

"Around-timeout methods can have public, private, protected or package
level access. An around-timeout method must not be declared as abstract,
final or static."


1) From the Interceptors 1.2 I understand that @AroundInvoke is okay to use
with a CDI interceptor using CDI 1.1, correct?
2) What about CDI 1.0 (JSR 299) and Interceptors 1.1, is @AroundInvoke also
okay with CDI 1.0? I find no information on that?

The reason I ask is that I do not get it to work with WebSphere 8.5.5 that
uses OWB (with a version that atleast should support CDI 1.0).


Med vänlig hälsning / Best regards

Lars-Fredrik Smedberg

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