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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject Re: Question on Interceptors and CDI specifications/versions
Date Sun, 09 Nov 2014 11:12:01 GMT
This is 'nicely' spread across various specs:

* the EE6 umbrella JSR-316 which defines that CDI beans are first class citizen.

* the interceptors-spec
It defines the invocation ordering and that @InterceptorBinding interceptors is a legal way
to implement interceptors.

* the EJB spec:
  12.1 Interceptors Overview
"The general rules for defining Interceptor classes, their lifecycle, and associated metadata
are described in a separate Interceptors document. " -> see interceptors spec

"For the use of interceptors with Enterprise JavaBeans, the Interceptor “target class”
is the bean class. Interceptors may be used with session beans and message-driven beans."
  12.3 Business Method Interceptors
"Interceptor methods may be defined for business methods of sessions beans and for the message
listener methods of message-driven beans."


On Sunday, 9 November 2014, 9:23, Lars-Fredrik Smedberg <> wrote:

>Hi Mark and Romain
>Yes will file a PMR. When debugging an EJB interceptor with @AroundInvoke I saw that there
where an OWB EJB Interceptor outermost that when I looked at the source is supposed to run
all decorators and then all interceptors.
>What section of the spec (EJB 3.1?, CDI 1.0?, Interceptor 1.1?) should I refer to....
maybe I have missed what section its described in? Its not clear to me if they write in the
spec "Interceptor" does that include EJB and CDI Interceptor or only EJB?

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