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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject Re: Where to find up to date documentaiton on OWB?
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2012 17:28:30 GMT
Hi Dennis!

Yes, our docs suck :)
I already started with setting up the CMS, but that takes a bit ...

The plugins of OWB result from the modular nature of OWB. The core (webbeans-impl) does NOT
contain any EE dependencies. JSF features (conversation support for JSF, etc) get added by
webbeans-jsf. All the required plugins are provided in WebSphere 8++. I'm not yet aware though
if IBM repackages it to a a single jar, etc.

Most of the parameters in actually enable the various SPI implementations
which are contained in the owb-plugins. E.g. if you have the webbeans-web plugin in the classpath
another Lifecycle implementation will be used. But again, I bet WebSphere has their own integration
and Lifecycle implementation.

Regarding the CODI bug in WebSphere you might either try the MyFaces list or contact IBM.

> Also how to configure OWB to run in a plain J2SE application vs inside WebSphere 
> for example

Well, in general you should not really care about OWB if you run in WebSphere 8++. For older
versions you can just package the various OWB stuff you need into the webapps WEB-INF/lib
fonder as you would do for plain tomcat. Of course this would lack of CDI-EJB integration
but apart from that most other stuff works perfectly fine. For an example you can see my ee
sample project [1]. Some parts need version upgrades though...

> Window/CODI Conversation concepts of CODI 
> and will be included in JSF 2.2 (aka webflow)

I think the JSF-2.2 flow is more like spring webflow. I have not looked at it in detail but
I'm glad Ed dropped all the XML stuff again ;)
This will need some iterations until it is usable imo.

DeltaSpike will also contain the CODI scopes, this will take a bit though. So I'd recommend
starting with CODI as we will provide an upgrade path to DeltaSpike.



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> From: Denis Forveille <>
> To: Gurkan Erdogdu <>;
> Cc: 
> Sent: Friday, November 30, 2012 3:56 PM
> Subject: Re: Where to find up to date documentaiton on OWB?
> Hi Gurkan
> Thx for your answer
> As for the "dedicated professional support" offer, we will use IBM as 
> we will use OWB that is included in WebSphere  v8.5 and we pay 
> for WAS v8.5 support.
> As an example of a question related to the OWB doc, there is a 
> file that contains many parameters
> What are the choices for those parameters. The comments in this file are not 
> that explicit
> Also how to configure OWB to run in a plain J2SE application vs inside WebSphere 
> for example
> Somewhere in the code or on the site I've read that you cam activate some 
> "OWB Extensions". What are they? how to use/configure them?
> The web site as a lot of tabs with "Plugins" with almost no 
> information on them (JMS, JSF-2, EJB, EE Resources...). How/when to use 
> them? Does OWB defined non standards annotation/beans? if so where are them 
> listed and explained?
> WebSphere documentation does not give much more details on how to use / 
> configure OWB also..
> Someone else suggest that we should use Seam 3 and/or CODI and/or DeltaSpike. Of 
> course we will use one of them. and IMHO the only 
> valid choice for the near future is DeltaSpike but the project does not yet have 
> the JSF extensions that we need now, so it seems we 
> will start with CODI but...
> Plain CODI in WAS v8.5 does not even start (I still have to investigate this, 
> there is an obscure exception on startup, in some 
> custom CODI phase listener...)
> And the CODI documentation is just a little better than the OWB one (just a 
> joke...)
> The future of Seam 3 is DeltaSpike and for us even if all of our apps (a dozen) 
> are developped in Seam 2 (BTW I am a Seam 2 
> commiter, mostly on Seam2/WAS compatibility things + the whole chapter in the 
> doc related to configure Seam 2 in WAS 7) we will not 
> build on Seam 3 first, then switch to DS. Seam 3 lacks the "Workspace" 
> notion of Seam 2 that is almost covered by the Window/CODI 
> Conversation concepts of CODI and will be included in JSF 2.2 (aka webflow)
> Denis
> Le 2012-11-30 02:34, Gurkan Erdogdu a écrit :
>>  Hello Denis
>>  Yes sorry but there is no updated documentation. You can use here to ask 
> your specific questions If you need dedicated 
>>  professional support on OWB, ping me.
>>  Thanks.
>>  Gurkan
>>  Founder, PMC Chair OpenWebBeans
>>  2012/11/22 Denis Forveille < 
> <>>
>>      Hello,
>>      We are about to migrate our development stack from JSF1.2/Seam 
> 2/WebSphere v7.0  to JSF 2.0/CDI/WebSphere v8.5 that includes
>>      OWB...
>>      After after looking for documentation, we found almost nothing usable 
> on the web site
>>      ( !
>>      The OWB official site seems very outdated (Last Published: 14 Dec 2011  
> | Version: 1.1.4-SNAPSHOT)
>>      More specifically:
>>      - how to tweak/configure OWB ? what properties and their meaning can we 
> use? For the core (listed in a config file) but also
>>      for the modules
>>      - after looking to the source code, it seems that there are some 
> extensions (Jms ..) What are they? how to use them?
>>      Thx.
>>  -- 
>>  Gurkan Erdogdu

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