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From "John D. Ament" <>
Subject Greetings all
Date Sun, 24 Jul 2011 12:11:17 GMT
Hi all

I'm new to OpenWebBeans, but not CDI (have been working with Weld for a year
now).  I am working on CDI support for JMS and ran into an issue trying to
make tests run on openwebbeans + activemq.  It looks like I"m working with
OWB 1.0, so this might be fixed already.  I think I'm stuck with whatever
Arquillian supports for right now.

When working with Weld + HornetQ, I am able to inject session instances to
dependent beans when the session is dependent.  The session implementation
is not serializable.  When running tests against OWB + activemq, I end up
with this failure:

Caused by: javax.enterprise.inject.IllegalProductException: If a producer
method or field of scope @Dependent returns an serializable object for
injection into an injection point Field Injection Point, field name :
session, Bean Owner : [Name:null,WebBeans Type:MANAGED,API
that requires a passivation capable dependency

In all cases, my components are Dependent, nothing is SessionScoped.

Another issue I ran into, the following two beans apparently conflict with
one another:

One is dependent the other is @JmsDefault.  Only one should satisfy @Inject
Session session, but fails stating that both satisfy it.

Thoughts on this?

- John
Seam JMS Module Lead

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