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Subject svn commit: r1851936 - /openwebbeans/meecrowave/trunk/meecrowave-doc/src/main/jbake/content/meecrowave-core/deploy-webapp.adoc
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2019 15:02:46 GMT
Author: rmannibucau
Date: Wed Jan 23 15:02:46 2019
New Revision: 1851936

missing file

  (with props)

Added: openwebbeans/meecrowave/trunk/meecrowave-doc/src/main/jbake/content/meecrowave-core/deploy-webapp.adoc
--- openwebbeans/meecrowave/trunk/meecrowave-doc/src/main/jbake/content/meecrowave-core/deploy-webapp.adoc
+++ openwebbeans/meecrowave/trunk/meecrowave-doc/src/main/jbake/content/meecrowave-core/deploy-webapp.adoc
Wed Jan 23 15:02:46 2019
@@ -0,0 +1,51 @@
+= Meecrowave and webapps
+:jbake-date: 2019-01-23
+:jbake-type: page
+:jbake-status: published
+:jbake-meecrowavetitleicon: icon icon_puzzle_alt
+:jbake-meecrowavecolor: body-blue
+:icons: font
+Meecrowave is a development enabler and simplifier thanks to its classpath deployment. However
it is
+still a plain Apache Tomcat and you can deploy existing webapp you developed with no particular
+From now on, we will assume you have a Servlet or Spring webapp `myapp.war`.
+== Deployment with a Meecrowave bundle
+This part assumed you built a bundle with link:../meecrowave-maven/index.html[Meecrowave
Maven Plugin]. It gives
+you a zip which has a tomcat layout once exploded:
+|- bin
+|- conf
+|- logs
+`- lib
+If you didn't package a webapp at bundle time you can create a `webapps` folder in this layout
and add your war inside.
+Then to launch this war you can either use a `server.xml` in `conf` and add as in any Tomcat
your `<Context />` in it
+or you can launch it directly using:
+./bin/ run --webapp=webapps/myapp.war
+== Deployment with the runner
+If you prefer to use the runner you can deploy a war with the following command:
+java -jar meecrowave-core-runner.jar --webapp=webapps/myapp.war
+== Going further
+You can find more information about deployment checking out the link:cli.html[CLI] documentation
+which presents all options of the several ways to launch Meecrowave.

Propchange: openwebbeans/meecrowave/trunk/meecrowave-doc/src/main/jbake/content/meecrowave-core/deploy-webapp.adoc
    svn:executable = *

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