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Subject svn commit: r990727 - /openwebbeans/trunk/readme/README_1_0_0-alpha-2.txt
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2010 08:25:07 GMT
Author: struberg
Date: Mon Aug 30 08:25:07 2010
New Revision: 990727

add non-standard OWB behaviour description


Modified: openwebbeans/trunk/readme/README_1_0_0-alpha-2.txt
--- openwebbeans/trunk/readme/README_1_0_0-alpha-2.txt (original)
+++ openwebbeans/trunk/readme/README_1_0_0-alpha-2.txt Mon Aug 30 08:25:07 2010
@@ -53,9 +53,30 @@ OpenWebBeans 1.0.0-alpha-2 Release Featu
  (You have to configure your application to use OWB functionality, 
   e.g configure web.xml, adding interceptor to EJBs etc.)
+Noteable differences to CDI spec behaviour
+In a few special cases Apache OpenWebBeans might behave a little bit different than
+other CDI implementations. This is to some degree caused by the JSR-299 spec being
+not clear about some special topics so we needed to interpret the wording on our own.
+This mainly concerns the area of section 12.1 Bean Archives (BDA) which doesn't work
+out when it comes to OSGi containers and likes.
+In Apache OpenWebBeans, a settings configured in a beans.xml file of a BDA is not
+only effective for this very bean archive but for the whole BeanManager in control
+of the Application. This is especially the case for <alternatives> and
+<interceptors>! An Alternative, Interceptor or Decorator enabled in one BDA is active
+for the whole Application.
 Release Notes - OpenWebBeans - Version 1.0.0-alpha-2
+Release Notes - OpenWebBeans - Version 1.0.0-alpha-1
     * [OWB-216] - Update pom.xml svn links

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