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From "johnny smith" <>
Subject Re: Please I am stuck
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2014 15:41:55 GMT
On Tue, 01 Jul 2014 15:03:17 -0000, Lisa Paris <> wrote:

> I have a document that first of all the page numbers dissapeared when I
> changed the page breaks and I  can't seem to get them back.

maybe your first page had no number and you deleted the page break between it and the second
page having thus applied the first page's no-number page style to all other pages. to bring
page numbers back, enable header or footer in your page style's preferences (format - page
- header or footer - header or footer on), place the caret into the header or footer area
and insert the page number field (insert - fields - page number). if you want the first page
not to be numbered, then you should apply different styles to it and to subsequent pages.
to do that, place the caret somewhere in the second page's first paragraph, switch on the
option 'format - paragraph - text flow - breaks - with page style' and choose the page's current
style (it is displayed on the status bar at the bottom of the screen between the page number
and the language) from the list. then place the caret somewhere on the first page, open the
panel 'format - styles and formatting', go to the 'page styles' tab on the  
panel, choose some other style for the first page or create a new one and delete the page
number from the header or footer.

> Worse though,
> the document is stuck in some kind of page break view and won't go back to
> normal view no matter what I do.

what do you mean by 'page break' and 'normal' views?

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