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From Alexandro Colorado <>
Subject Re: Absurd thing about macro security
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2014 00:53:06 GMT
Can you tell us what does ur macro actually do?

Most of these settings are declared on the XCU whicch are XML. The
schema could have changed or something along those lines like the path
on the ~/.openoffice/ folder.

However maybe you run your macros within AOO which could be a
different service, so until we dont get that information we cant tell
which change could have an effect on your macro.

On 7/5/14, Johnny Rosenberg <> wrote:
> I did a fresh install of my operating system a couple of weeks ago, so I
> now run Apache OpenOffice on Ubuntu 14.04 rather than Ubuntu 12.04. Anyway,
> one of the first things I did, was to throw LibreOffice out the window and
> install Apache OpenOffice.
> There are a few spreadsheets that I edit every day, almost, and the first
> thing I experience after a fresh operating system install is usually that I
> need to add macro paths to the macro security paths list.
> I usually add them one by one when I need them and for now I only need to
> run macros in spreadsheets at ”~/Kontor/Ekonomi/” (in English:
> ~/Office/Economy/). However, to open those spreadsheets I click on a link
> located in a folder on my desktop, ”~/Skrivbord/Frekvent använt/” (in
> English: ”~/Desktop/Frequently used/”). All I did so far was that I added
> the ”~/Kontor/Ekonomi/” path to the macro security list thing, and it
> worked perfectly for those weeks. Until today.
> Now, when opening one of those spreadsheets, it says that it won't run any
> of my macros.
> So now I just gave up and added ”~/Skrivbord/Frekvent använt/” and Apache
> OpenOffice seemt to be happy with that. But why, WHY, WHY, WHY did it work
> before today? I've been opening those links all the time since I put them
> there, without any kinds of problems!
> The only thing that is different now from before, is that I moved my
> computer a few meters and that I use two screens instead of one now. How
> could that matter?
> Best regards
> Johnny Rosenberg

Alexandro Colorado
Apache OpenOffice Contributor
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