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From Doug <>
Subject Re: windows XP files on flash drive won't open in windows 8.1
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2014 14:35:31 GMT

On 07/09/2014 05:55 AM, wrote:
> Spent ages searching for answer. Tried very hard. Tried Users Forum, etc. I’m a beginner,
not technical, and it’s all too confusing. Can you help?
> I have text, document files  from windows XP sp3 on Flash drive. Now I have new Dell
PC  with Windows 8.1. But when I click on files to open and work / edit them,   they won’t
open. I double left click.  When I select a file from the My Documents folder from my flash
drive list, a page comes up with choice, “Open or Save”   I don’t want to save, which
I think means save to hard drive;  I thought I’d just work from  files on flash drive; 
to save hard drive space. Is that possible, normal? Just to Open?
> I’m a writer; my main use for computer.
> Michael  Gerstein
I think you'd better save to the hard drive. You can always erase them 
later, after you've done whatever you need to do with them.
I trust these files end in .doc? If they do, then you should be able to 
open them in Windows 8.1, but many word processors will not
open a file without first saving it--and then after you modify it, you 
will have to save it to a different filename. Perhaps add "_1" to the
end of the file (before .doc).
If the filename does _not_ end in .doc, please tell us what it does end 
in, so we can see whether it should be usable.
If these files are classified documents, then you should consult your 
security department. Otherwise, I don't know why you wouldn't
save them to the hard drive.


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