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From James Knott <>
Subject Re: How to put my resume file from email into the open office application and then send as a file
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2014 02:07:30 GMT
On 07/08/2014 10:03 PM, Doug wrote:
> Perhaps I wasn't thorough, or perhaps we're at a misunderstanding.
> Once you
> have set the resume up the way you want it to look in OO, save it as a
> .com as per Microsoft 1997~2003. Don't save it in .odf or anything
> like that,
> as there is a good chance that the intended recipient won't be able to
> read
> it. But everybody in the world can read MS .com 1997 vintage. anyway,
> when you're done, just attach the OO document, saved as a .com, to the
> email cover letter you're sending, and let the prospective employer
> open it.
> In my editing chore, I do almost exactly that--I make all the
> corrections and
> formatting, save the file as .doc, and send it off to the publisher,
> who then
> uses a publishing program to make it fit the pages and columns of the
> newsletter. His publisher app runs on an older Mac, but as I said,
> everyone and
> every machine can read MS .doc files from the turn of the 21st century.
> Have I missed anything?

Yeah, what's .com?

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