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From Richard Detwiler <>
Subject Re: Abus et escroquerie sur site SMS pour l'obtention de code de téléchargement
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2014 01:07:28 GMT
Baccara wrote:
> Wonderful solution, Rory, now that we know there is a problem with 
> different languages being posted to a primary English mailing list and 
> you have so much time to check out Google, I expect a translation at 
> your earliest convenience.  I do not have time nor does my health 
> permit me to research something that should have been presented in 
> English to start with. 

It's pretty presumptuous to expect someone else to do this for you.

Probably a more appropriate tactic is to ignore anything you don't 
understand, which is what I do. This includes something in a language 
other than English (I'm sadly not multi-lingual -- wish I were), along 
with topics that I have no knowledge of and no particular interest in 
learning about (for example, Mac-specific or Linux-specific issues, 
issues around the data base, etc.).

I focus my attention on topics where either I may have some insight to 
be able to help the questioner with a problem, or a topic where there is 
a problem that I think I can benefit from hearing the answer to.

It's not expected that every person subscribing to this list reads and 
understands each and every post that is made.

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