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From mt>
Subject Re: open office
Date Sun, 29 Jun 2014 08:16:59 GMT

Not sure what your reason was for writing to this list, but your 
message below doesn't sound like a request for help with a real problem.

Applications and computers do not "improve" or "update" without 
you, the user in command, deciding they need it.

If you're happy with your current versions of AOO, operating 
system and computer hardware, you are free to just stick with 
what you have and ignore any "Update available" suggestion. 
What's the point of blaming others for your own decisions?

Then of course, if you have a specific problem with AOO, which 
you cannot solve with the built-in Help system, most people on 
this list will be happy to help.

To me, this mailing list is a much better option than any 
"online user forums", where one has to dig through millions of 
posts hoping to find suitable solutions.

So if you want to make the most of this mailing list, how about 
you post one (or more) specific questions that relate to your 
specific issues?

Let us know how we can help.


On 24/6/14 at 3:23 AM, (Jack McKee,) wrote:

>I know your don’t really care but i hate open office. I just 
>want a simple program that actually works without a million 
>choices and “improvements” every time I turn around.   I 
>hate having to to spend hours trying to figure what is wrong 
>with something I have layed out and has worked perfectly well 
>for years. Now it doesn’t work either because the program has 
>been “updated” or it now longer works with my “updated" 
>computer software. And its my problem to sort thru a million 
>problems in what is so ridiculously labled “help”.  Very 
>user friendly.
>Jack McKee
>Hands On Books

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