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From "johnny smith" <>
Subject Re: Moving a frame - graphic
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2014 18:13:48 GMT
On Wed, 04 Jun 2014 21:19:51 -0000, Colleen McCartin <>

> Okay, I'll try. Let's start from the email side.  Normally I open an email
> to compose, write it, and then go to my file that is an open office doc and
> cut and paste the "business signature" (Living Waters......) to emails that
> it is appropriate.
> Now, I went into the doc and made some changes, then cut and pasted it as I
> normally do, but the spacing changed. I tried to delete possible
> formatting, etc but it still came up with the same wide spacing.
> So, I thought if I inserted a frame (text box) on an open office doc then
> cut and pasted the email sig (text) from the original doc into the frame,
> that I could then cut and paste it into the email and all format would stay
> the same because it is in the frame.
> So once the frame had the text pasted in it, fonts sizes etc (see the
> attached sent previously), I tried to copy the frame to paste onto the
> email as my sig.

i think i have an idea. when you copy something from one document to another, all the attributes
of that text are also copied, including manual formatting (font, size, line spacing etc) and
that applied by means of the styles. however, if a style in the source document has the same
name as one in the destination document, and if the copied text is formatted with that style,
then it is not the style which is copied but only its name, whereas the attributes associated
with the style are taken from the destination document's style having that name.

suppose you have some text in a document, to which the paragraph style 'default' is applied,
and that style has single line spacing. in another document there also exists the paragraph
style 'default', but it has double line spacing. when you copy the text from the first document
to the second one, it switches from the first document's 'default' style to the second document's
one and therefore becomes double spaced.

that seems to be your case. to fix it, you should apply some style other than 'default' to
your frame. alternatively, you may apply another style to the destination text or remove expanded
spacing from the destination's 'default' and set it manually where necessary.

note that if you used some custom style instead of 'default', it would be enough to simply
rename it, while renaming automatic styles, such as 'default', is not allowed. that is a case
against the use of the automatic styles.

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