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From glynes <>
Subject Can't register to forum, error message makes no sense
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2014 21:34:37 GMT
I often download a .csv file from a web site. I look at it and do a sum 
or two then close it without saving. Excel has no problem with this.

Calc seems to think every file is important, or maybe the programmers 
just give OpenOffice excessive importance but these are throw away files 
and even if they weren't I seldom create files that need to be read only.

Is there any way to change a default so that nothing is opened  read 
only unless I tell it to or it was saved read only? And no, I don't want 
to edit a copy of the document. Then I have keep up with the documents 
and versions of the documents.

If this is not fixable, can you steer me toward something not Microsoft 
that will do what I want?

I am desperate. I am about to dig up a copy of Office and load it.


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