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From Baccara <>
Subject Re: It sucks
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2014 16:47:31 GMT
Grey Pearl, what's your point?  Why not just purchase the programs you 
feel are better? 

You've only used a computer for 10 years?  I have no problem with Open 
Office nor Photoshop CS3,4,5 nor Sony Vegas Pro, etal and have used 
computers over 40 years.

I am sorry you feel you wasted your time; however, before you decided to 
announce your opinion to the word, did you consider the wasted time of 
others who are subscribed to this mail list?

If you are so great at writing script, why don't you help the volunteers 
improve this product?  It is open source and they are open to quality help.

Grey Pearl wrote:
> Open Office is the most horrible and the most shameful text writing
> software that i have ever seen in my life.
> Windows's Paint , and Word , are is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!! I wasted 3
> hours of my life to found how to
> write a text on an image, to put the fucking image in the background.
> I use Photoshop CS5, Cinema 4D, Sony Vegas Pro 13 with no problem!! I code
> games in JAVA, I used a computer for +10 years,
> but Open office is the most disapointing software that I've ever seen.
> I'll never download it again.
> Bye.

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