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From Brian Barker <>
Subject Re: Read only
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2014 15:04:33 GMT
At 16:02 24/06/2014 +0200, A. Lecocq wrote:
>To Brian Baker,

I don't know of anyone here by that name. Will I do instead?

>When I send the attached sheet-feuille- my contact can open the 
>document and the message - Read only - En lecture seule - is coming 
>on the screen. So he cannot modify any element. When my contact send 
>me a similar document I have the same message. What is wrong?

There are possibly two issues here. The second sheet of your 
spreadsheet document - "matrice" - is protected, so you and your 
correspondent will not be able to make some changes. To remove this 
protection, remove the tick from Tools | Protect Document > | 
Sheet... . In general, you would have to enter the protection 
password at this point, but no password has been set.

>What is the solution to avoid the message and to be able to modify 
>some element?

If you are finding that you cannot modify *any part* of the 
spreadsheet, you have a different problem - and probably nothing to 
do with the spreadsheet document or OpenOffice. Instead, it may be 
that you do not understand how your mail client works.

When you receive a file attached to an e-mail message, your mail 
client may save this in a temporary location. The idea is that you 
will then copy or move it to a suitable place in your document filing 
system before you use it. If you attempt to edit it in the temporary 
location, there are two problems: such temporary locations may get 
automatically flushed, so that you might lose your work; and anyway 
you may not know where to find your modified document. Some mail 
clients helpfully arrange that files held in the temporary location 
are read-only, so as to avoid your making that mistake. The solution 
is simply to save the file in your normal folders - "Documents" or 
wherever - before you attempt to work on it. Your correspondent may 
have the same difficulty.

>I had a look on the "help" but I don't find a solution.

There will be no help for the latter suggestion, as it has nothing to 
do with OpenOffice.

I trust this helps.

Brian Barker

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