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From Brian Barker <>
Subject Re: Help with Page Numbers
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2014 04:49:03 GMT
At 18:01 01/06/2014 -0400, Jim Browning wrote:
>I would greatly appreciate your assistance with a problem. I have 
>used Open Office for years, and am very pleased with it, but have 
>hit a snag. Specifically, I am trying to delete the page numbers I 
>presently have in the footers of a multi-page manuscript, and 
>replace them with new consecutive numbers, so as to consecutively 
>add to the numbered pages of another manuscript.  The numbers I now 
>have are 1 to 20. I want to insert the new numbers, 21 to 30, so as 
>to provide continuity of page numbers. I have read the tutorial, 
>which talks about "clicking into the first paragraph" of the first 
>page, and I have tried clicking at the start of the first paragraph, 
>the middle of the first paragraph, etc., with out any page numbers 
>appearing. I have also preceded this (following the tutorial) with 
>Format-Paragraph-Text Flow-Insert-Page Style.) Can you assist?

I'm not sure which tutorial you are reading, but yes: you need to 
modify the paragraph format of the first paragraph in your document. 
To do this:
o Either put the cursor into your first paragraph and go to Format | 
Paragraph... | Text Flow,
o Or right-click in the first paragraph and to follow Paragraph... | 
Text Flow from the context menu.

You get to the same dialogue either way. Then:
o Under Breaks, click Insert. (Type should read "Page" and Position "Before".)
o Tick "With Page Style".
o Select the appropriate page style (whatever you are already using) 
from the drop-down list.
o (Here's the important bit:) Set "Page number" to whatever you need 
- 21 in your case.

I trust this helps.

Brian Barker

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