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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: problem on release 4.1.0
Date Sun, 11 May 2014 20:37:44 GMT
Hi Paolo,

paolo.caporello schrieb:
> from Paolo Caporello
> after release 3.4.1, all versions marked by initial 4 present the same
> problem (not present in previous versions).
> after generation of a graph into CALC, if I try to copy the graph onto
> the same sheet (or a different sheet, or to a WRTER document), the
> copied graph not appears as originally builded and the shape is totally
> different from the original

That should not happen with AOO4.1. But perhaps you have checked to use 
the source formatting for formatting the numbers? You should change this 
setting and set the formatting in the chart directly. Because after copy 
& paste the connection to the original data range is cut (see below) and 
therefore the source formatting is no longer available.

> Plus, on the copied graph (on CALC) it is not accessible the option
> (after double click un the graph itself) "format" -> "data" perviously
> very useful to modify graph, insert new data set, or other

In 4.1 the behavior was changed, that a copy&paste via clipboard cuts 
the connection to the original document and the values are provided as 
internal data table. You get "Star Object Descriptor (XML)", both with 
paste icon drop-down list and with "special paste". This contains 
already the change of the data source. Such content of the clipboard is 
better usable for inserting a chart into a application other than Calc.

> To explain clearly my issue, I attach a simple CALC sheet with a graph
> wherre the bottom graphs were copied from the original by "copy" and
> "paste the first and by "copy" and "special paste" followed by option
> "metafile GDI" the second.

Attachments are not possible in this mailing list. But I think, I 
understand your problem without example file.

> It is easy to see the result: copied graphs are very different from the
> original, and they are not modifiables

The item "metafile GDI" provides a pure picture of the chart, without 
any data. That is not what you want. To get a copy, which preserves the 
data ranges, you can drag-copy the chart using the mouse or using the 

Using the mouse open the target sheet (if it is a different one) in a 
new Window. Inside one file you can do this by menu Window > New Window. 
Size the windows to be side-by-side. Click on the chart, and hold down 
the mouse button two seconds, then drag it to the target while _pressing 
the Ctrl-key_.

Using Navigator open the target sheet, so that you can see it on screen. 
Open the Navigator of the source document. The chart is an OLE object. 
Therefore open that category. Switch the drag mode from default "Insert 
as Hyperlink" to "Insert as copy" in the header of the Navigator or in 
the context menu of the chart object item in the Navigator. Drag the 
chart object item from the Navigator to the target sheet.

A drag-copy with data range $Sheet1.$A$1:$B$6 for example, will still 
refer this data range when inserted into Sheet2. I don't know a way to 
make the address relative. When you drag-copy to a different file, the 
the data range is still the same, but now refer to this range in the 
target file, because the address does not contain the file name.

Kind regards

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