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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Replacement login information for Rastadog at Apache OpenOffice Templates
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2014 11:05:43 GMT
On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 12:08 AM,  <> wrote:
> Dear Sirs or automated reply unit:

On behalf of all the other subscribers to this list who are equally
confused as to what you are talking about, I'll just say that
downloading Apache OpenOffice requires no login or personal
information.   You just go to and
click the link.

If you ran into some other behavior, it would help if you could give a
*brief* description of what you were attempting, and what messages you
saw.  Digressions concerning the NSA or the history of the internet
will not help us diagnose the problem you ran into.



> You outdid yourselves by sending me an "Information" e-Mail that
> contained no information.  I foolishly tried to find some of the
> alleged "providers" of  the "code" that appears to be required as a
> handshake of sorts between the provider and client.   Unfortunately,
> this supposedly "simple" improvement on logins ----- makes me have to
> ask the following -----  (1)  exactly what purpose does it serve?,
> (2) it requests about as much accessible personal info as NSA (who
> incidentally will have no problems whatsoever in hacking this
> information), and (3) it requires me to waste time getting onto a
> web-site that at one time tried to claim that they were Open Source.
> The latter is a meaningless claim when the net effect of your ID login
> is to become useful only to companies like Google and others who
> profit on metadata, and will clearly be thrilled to get more than ever
> dumped into their servers under the guise of "security".  There hasn't
> been any internet security for so long that the claim is ludicrous on
> its face.  More to the point, exactly why does an open source vendor
> of an "Office" product need this type of security?  My experience with
> your web-site was sufficiently infuriating that I will make no future
> effort to obtain you product.
> I recall downloading OpenOffice  before it needed this level of
> guarding, a simple e-mail address and login name was sufficient.  That
> minimal interaction didn't seem to present a hazard to either
> SourceForge or Apache as you both remain in business.  Frankly, I am
> glad that you are, and applaud your many software introductions over
> the years.  So I wonder what has changed so much to lead you down the
> very same path of various surveillance agencies?  Perhaps (hopefully)
> it was meant as attempted countermeasure to our complete loss of
> privacy. On the latter point,  I would simply remind you of all the
> other methods of software protection and privacy that have failed to
> achieve either over the span of the last 40 years.  This one won't
> fare any better, but will assuredly lose you clients.  How can you be
> such brilliant coders and not grasp that you have become involved in a
> software "Arms Race" in which you have ZERO chance of prevailing, but
> an enormously high probability of further eroding what little privacy
> remains.  Unintended consequences, particularly when unanticipated,
> are particularly difficult learning experiences.  Best of luck when
> you finally grasp that your work will ultimately become the death
> knell for the internet, as you will have been a big help in its
> further abrogation of constitutional rights, and even worse you will
> have helped militarize it beyond recognition.
> So, I actually don't need Open Office in the slightest, and am sorry
> that despite you cleverness in coding, that cleverness plays no part
> in your appreciation of your malignant social impact.
> Best regards,M. Urban, Ph.D.
> On March 31, 2014 at 7:05 PM, "Apache OpenOffice Templates"  wrote:
>                 Replacement login information for Rastadog at Apache OpenOffice
> Templates
>         Rastadog,
>         A request to reset the password for your account has been made at
> Apache OpenOffice Templates.
>         You may now log in by clicking this link or copying and pasting it to
> your browser:
>         This link can only be used once to log in and will lead you to a page
> where you can set your password. It expires after one day and nothing
> will happen if it's not used.
>         --  Apache OpenOffice Templates team

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