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From Allen Schaaf <>
Subject Re: Question?
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2014 01:22:32 GMT
There is another possible meaning for "points." In American 
typography a point is 1/72 of an inch and this measure is often 
used for type size, leading, and a few other oddball things.


Grammar: Knowing there is no there there, that it is not their 
there, and that they're not there. (With apologies to Gertrude 

On 3/26/2014 2:47 PM, Brian Barker wrote:
> At 20:16 26/03/2014 +0200, Zograph Orizovski wrote:
>> ... my question is really about another. Is there an option 
>> for automatic distance between words in a sentence such as 
>> this: OpenOffice --- is- mnogo…khubava----programa-redaktor, 
>> -no------poradi-tova, -che---ne--e------na-bulgarski - 
>> Difficult --- is - Finding -------in options. This is a copy 
>> of a page of the site set for editing, but not just one, but 
>> hundreds of pages. Hyphens between words consider them points. 
>> I hope my question this time is more accurate description.
> As previous replies have suggested, I fear this is not much 
> clearer! Anything automatic would have to be defined, and you 
> have not done this: you need to explain what the rule would be 
> for creating the particular spacing which you would find 
> satisfactory. You clearly do not want equal spacing - but what 
> do you want, please?
> And what does "[h]yphens ... consider them points" mean, 
> please? Do you mean that you actually want points ("full 
> stops", "periods") instead of the hyphens you show - or 
> something else?
> One thing you might mean is that you want various parts of your 
> text to be spaced in some special way - perhaps so that the 
> text of separate lines line up in columns - and that you want 
> the consequent spaces to be filled with hyphens or points. You 
> can do that by setting tab stops at appropriate positions in 
> your text and using tab characters to space the material 
> between the columns. Go to Format | Paragraph... | Tabs and you 
> will find that you can set a "fill character" there, to occupy 
> the space between items. Hyphens and points are both possible 
> options.
> There is no reason why "hundreds of pages" should be any 
> problem: once you have found the solution, you can very likely 
> apply it to all your material fairly easily. You may find it 
> more productive to set the tabs and fill characters in a 
> paragraph style instead of in direct paragraph formatting.
> I trust this helps.
> Brian Barker
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