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From Tubular <>
Subject Re: A shortcut to open just the Writer section
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2014 00:42:58 GMT
On my systems (XP ; Win 7) there is one icon for Open Office.  Earlier, 
I tried to give an easy way for XP that provides icons for OO Writer, 
Calc and Draw

Win 7 - click on Start in lower left corner, select All Programs, right 
click on the individual program, select create icon.  This will appear 
on the desk top.  It can be moved to a tool bar from there.

Don Daugherty wrote:
> Ivan wrote:
>>> How can I create a desktop shortcut just for opening the Writer 
>>> section of Open Office? Do I have to view all of the sub-programs 
>>> before I can open Writer?
>>> Ivan
> Do it ONCE the long way.  In Win 7 or 8 right-click on its icon in the 
> taskbar and choose Pin this program to the taskbar.  Close the program 
> and the icon will remain there.  If you don't like exactly where it's 
> sitting, click and drag it left or right.  If you don't want to leave 
> it pinned, right-click on the  icon and choose Properties.  In the 
> properties window look for Target; its contents will be highlighted in 
> blue.  Press Ctrl+C to copy those contents. Close the properties 
> window.  Right-click on the desktop , choose New >  Shortcut; Paste in 
> the contents copied from the Target. (Mine looks like "C:\Program 
> Files (x86)\ 3\program\swriter.exe" -- yours will 
> probably be somewhat different .)  This creates a new icon on the 
> desktop.
> If you're using a different version of Windows you may have to adapt 
> some of these steps to your situation.  Hope this helps.
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