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From Tom Panfil <>
Subject Re: AMAZING -- Case of Subscription via a Remailer Address [was: Re: Removing yourself from the list :)]
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2014 03:42:41 GMT
Hi Tubular,

Well, I just inspected headers and see that I had fooled myself. My 
original subscription request was:

     Subject:   Subscribe to OpenOffice Users Mailing List
     Body:       Hello,     Subscribe

My reply to the "confirm subscribe to"  was:

     Subject:   Confirm Subscription to ooo-user Mailing List
     Body:       Hi, I do want to subscribe to the ooo-users mailing list,
                    BUT I would prefer that my mail be set to my 
Reply-To Address:
                    Rather than to my From Address:

The resulting WELCOME message said in part:

      Acknowledgment: I have added the address
       to the ooo-users mailing list.
       Welcome to!
       Please save this message so that you know the address you are
       subscribed under, in case you later want to unsubscribe or change 
       subscription address.

So, my attempt to con the list server to use my IEEE Remailer address 

It looks like people are not allowed to subscribe via their preferred 
remailer addresses.

You must have actually been seeing people writing from ISP supplied 
addresses other than the ISP provided addresses from which they subscribed.

You must be right -- Maybe some others have been under the same 
misconception which I just aired.  Maybe this will help them.



On 3/10/14 10:57 PM, Tubular wrote:
> Thank you, Tom for the insight; however, if these people cannot send 
> email from these type of email addresses, how did they get on the list 
> to start with?
> Tom Panfil wrote:
>> Hello OpenOffice Apache Moderators,
>> I don't want to unsubscribe from any of the three project lists to 
>> which I subscribe (users, dev, api)  but like you,  I've seen too 
>> many requests sent to the lists from people who want to unsubscribe.  
>> I assume that something is finally done administratively to 
>> unsubscribe their addresses since they eventually stop pestering.
>> Many people who are members of ACM or IEEE or other professional 
>> associations register using a Remailer Address serviced by the 
>> organization.  The use of a Remailer Address enables provision of at 
>> least the following services by the organization:
>>  * Virus scanning of mail sent to the member's "Remailer Address"
>>  * Quarantining of S--- sent to the member's "Remailer Address" --
>>    Note that I did not use the "S-Word" since using it might cause
>>    Verizon refuse to send the message considering it to be S----.
>>  * Forwarding of non-infected non-S--- messages to the member's ISP
>>    provided addresses.
>>  * Ease of changing of ISPs by simply registering a new ISP supplied
>>    e-mail address with the Remailer Service so that mail sent to the
>>    Remailer address is forwarded to the member's "new" current ISP
>>    provided address.  Correspondents need not be informed of the change
>>    of ISP.
>> These people *cannot* send from their Remailer Addresses.  They can 
>> and usually do include their preferred Remailer Address in the 
>> Reply-To field of their message headers.  Their e-mail messages are 
>> sent from their ISP provided addresses.
>> So, I think that a significant proportion of those who send to the 
>> list asking to be removed have tried sending to the address in the 
>> footer of the messages and were not removed from the list since they 
>> are subscribed with a Remailer Address.  That address from which they 
>> are send is different from the address which is subscribed
>> I recommend that some mechanism be established for such subscribers 
>> to take action to be removed from OpenOffice Apache lists.  The 
>> instructions they need should be provided in the footer with the 
>> other three instructions.
>> I can't imagine that *no* developers and maintainers of OpenOffice 
>> know of Remailer Addresses.  How could this problem have festered so 
>> long?   Does the project cadre really not know about Remailer 
>> Addresses?   If you can maintain Apache projects you must be able to 
>> understand this dilemma now that I have explained it somewhat 
>> clearly, I think.
>> Note that I am subscribed via an IEEE Remailer address.
>> I'd no doubt have the same problem which these other poor souls have 
>> if I'd try to unsubscribe.
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