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From Don Daugherty <>
Subject Re: Help with inserting and deleting rows in spreadsheet
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2014 19:54:43 GMT
On 3/7/2014 9:50 AM, Dixie Reinhardt wrote:
> I'm trying to use this product but find it full of complicated abilities and NO SIMPLE
buttons for common things like "inset a row" "delete a row" etc.  It is not apparent how to
get the answer to a simple question on the support site.
> Can anyone point me to a plain English version of basics?
> Many thanks!
> Dixie Reinhardt
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I don't know of a good reference, but here's how to get a start on what 
you immediately want:
1.  With Calc open to any spreadsheet, click "View" in the menu bar, 
choose Toolbars, and look for a check-mark in front of "Formatting."  If 
it's not there, click on Formatting and the Formatting Toolbar will appear.
2.  Look in this Toolbar for a set of 4 icons that look like tiny 3x3 
matrices.  One will have a horizontal green line across its middle, 
another  will have a horizontal red line across its middle. A third will 
have a vertical green line at its center and the fourth will have a 
vertical red line. These insert (green) and delete (red) rows or columns 
at the current cell location.  Hovering the mouse cursor over each icon 
will show what it  does.  If multiple rows (columns) are selected, 
multiple rows (columns) will be inserted or deleted.
3.  In the event these icons are not found, right click the toolbar 
anywhere between icons and choose "Customize Toolbar."  Then scroll 
through the list to hunt for these icons in the list; check those you 
want to add, and click OK.

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