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From "johnny smith" <>
Subject hyphenation of uppercase words
Date Sat, 08 Feb 2014 07:47:42 GMT
dear users,

is there a way to forbid the automatic hyphenation of uppercase words in writer to prevent
acronyms from breaking between lines?

i was able to find only a workaround of listing all uppercase words in a custom dictionary,
but that requires creating a new entry each time one types a new acronym, which is not convinient
enough. it's possible also to insert zero-width non-breaking spaces (U+2060) between the letters,
but that is unnatural and can induce bugs when the word is copied to a plaintext file or if
the font used has no U+2060 character (which seems to be the case even for times new roman,
although inserting from dejavu fonts is available). an easy one-tick-to-rule-them-all option
is needed.

(meanwhile, the feature is included with ms word and easily discoverable on the web. it seems
to be disadvantageous for the openoffice community.)

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