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From Jim McLaughlin <>
Subject Re: Postal Bar Code Add on - US
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2014 03:33:03 GMT
Mr. Jordan -

Thank you for the information.

I had never thought of that with respect to the USPS.

Back when I used the WP 8 feature, it seemed that mail with the barcode for
the nine digit zip did result in a  one full day faster delivery.

There was once upon a  time before I retired as the Secretary of a hobby
group that I did have 800 or so pieces of mail to send as business or bulk
rate stuff.  But that was probably 15 - 20 years ago.

The fellow who is now performing that function for the group posts it to
our websiter and E mail the stuff.

Still, I will miss the bar code for the 9 digit zip on the envelopes /
mailing labels.  Some how, it just looks better, more complete and
professional, with the bar code for trhe 9 digit zip.

Thank you again for the information.

I guess my age is showing.

Jim McLaughlin

On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 7:10 PM, John Jason Jordan <>wrote:

> On Wed, 19 Feb 2014 18:41:48 -0800
> Jim McLaughlin <> dijo:
> >Long ago I used Word Perfect 8.0 which had a  built in feature for
> >adding a US postal service
> >bar code either below the typed Postal Zip Code, or atop the first
> >line of the address, when printing either shipping labels or standard
> >business size envelopes.  It was a very useful feature.
> >
> >I have looked in vain for an analogous feature within OO  4.0.1, but
> >not yet been able to locate one, either within OO, or as an Add On or
> >Plug in.
> >
> >Can anyone here direct me to such a  feature, either native to OO, or
> >as an add on or plug in.
> I used to use that feature in WP also, but then I discovered it was
> useless for me. One day a customer came in holding a letter that I had
> mailed her with my barcode on her address, and the post office had
> sprayed their own barcode on the envelope as well. The barcodes were
> identical, so it made me curious.
> I called the post office and discovered that they automatically spray
> their barcode on all mail, whether it comes in with a barcode already
> on it or not. The exception is large mailings that go through the
> Business Mail Unit, i.e., bulk mail and presorted mail. If I recall
> correctly you must mail at least 500 pieces at a time to use the BMU.
> For the rest of us, putting the barcode on the envelope is pointless.
> The post office has astonishingly good scanners that read the address
> printed on the mail, calculate the barcode, and spray it on, and at a
> speed that would leave you speechless. Humans are used only for mail
> that the automated equipment kicks out. Since the post office scans it
> anyway, my mail just needs a clearly printed address on it to ensure
> that the scanner can read it accurately, and an address that conforms
> to postal standards.
> As for whether LO/OO can put a barcode on the envelope, I don't know
> because I stopped trying to do it years ago.
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