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From Andrew Douglas Pitonyak <>
Subject Re: Uninitiateds basic question
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2014 15:48:48 GMT
On 02/18/2014 09:39 AM, davidbath wrote:
> Dear Open Office
> Sorry to be contacting you on this, but I seem to be making little headway with  what
appears to be just what I need but is way above my head.

Someone here will hopefully know the answers :-)

> I imported a .wdb file which was put into Calc in cell “A” on 92 rows.

Did not know we could read wdb files...

> I needed to Edit 4 records which I discovered how to do but it left the boxes highlighted
in red. I do not know what this means and have been unable to remove it.

So the background of the cell is red, just the outline is red?

I expect that "change tracking" is turned on, but I am only guessing:

> I want to sort the complete file but found that the “Sort” selection was greyed out.
To me this indicated that some thing else needed to be done first. I tried “Select All”
and many other functions but have yet no luck.

What if you select only the cells that you want to sort? Is the sort 
method still greyed out?

> I have consulted the “Tutorials” but there I cannot find any reference to my problems,
in desperation I hope you could point me in right direction.
> If it is possible that you could assist I would be most grateful.
> Regards
> David  Bath

Andrew Pitonyak
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