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From John Jason Jordan <>
Subject Re: Postal Bar Code Add on - US
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2014 03:10:47 GMT
On Wed, 19 Feb 2014 18:41:48 -0800
Jim McLaughlin <> dijo:

>Long ago I used Word Perfect 8.0 which had a  built in feature for
>adding a US postal service
>bar code either below the typed Postal Zip Code, or atop the first
>line of the address, when printing either shipping labels or standard
>business size envelopes.  It was a very useful feature.
>I have looked in vain for an analogous feature within OO  4.0.1, but
>not yet been able to locate one, either within OO, or as an Add On or
>Plug in.
>Can anyone here direct me to such a  feature, either native to OO, or
>as an add on or plug in.

I used to use that feature in WP also, but then I discovered it was
useless for me. One day a customer came in holding a letter that I had
mailed her with my barcode on her address, and the post office had
sprayed their own barcode on the envelope as well. The barcodes were
identical, so it made me curious.

I called the post office and discovered that they automatically spray
their barcode on all mail, whether it comes in with a barcode already
on it or not. The exception is large mailings that go through the
Business Mail Unit, i.e., bulk mail and presorted mail. If I recall
correctly you must mail at least 500 pieces at a time to use the BMU.
For the rest of us, putting the barcode on the envelope is pointless.

The post office has astonishingly good scanners that read the address
printed on the mail, calculate the barcode, and spray it on, and at a
speed that would leave you speechless. Humans are used only for mail
that the automated equipment kicks out. Since the post office scans it
anyway, my mail just needs a clearly printed address on it to ensure
that the scanner can read it accurately, and an address that conforms
to postal standards.

As for whether LO/OO can put a barcode on the envelope, I don't know
because I stopped trying to do it years ago.

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